It’s all about storage! Whether is a home remodel, tiny house, or a trade show, storage is very important. In the past, a booth with a storage option would make it custom thus higher cost and lead time. However, today we offer many pre-fab kits with storage options so its more affordable! Keep in mind, we can customize anything so if you want a storage room, but these display don’t do it for you, we can design and create anything! Our new exhibit design search feature makes it easy to browse thousands of designs with specs and prices. Let’s get into some Off the Shelf Booths with Storage Rooms and see what options are available to purchase today!

Off the Shelf Booths with Storage Rooms

Hybrid PRO Kits with Storage Rooms

Hybrid PRO 20ft Kit 25 Top ViewThe Hybrid PRO series of display systems offers many advantages over other display systems. The main advantages include many custom features typically only found on ground up builds. We offer two kits, the Hybrid PRO 10ft Kit 24 and the Hybrid PRO 20ft Kit 25 which include a storage room, counters, and monitor mounts offering a wide variety of functionality. Hybrid PRO systems use aluminum extrusion frame work so its lightweight, easy to assemble, and packs down into shipping containers for easy transportation and storage. SEG graphics give every Hybrid PRO system a clean, seamless look. Additionally, SEG is easy to assemble, store, and clean.

Although each Hybrid PRO kit is considered an off the shelf item, they are built to order in the USA. This means we are able to customize these kits upon request. We can make a larger storage room, additional storage room, custom shelving, counters, and backlit panels. Contact us today if you want to get a free quote on a customized kit. Hybrid PRO systems are modular, meaning larger booths will break down into smaller kits with the same parts.

This level of versatility saves time, money, and increases ROI. It also makes it easy to expand a booth, or change configurations while using most of the same parts. Exhibiting is expensive in every aspect so anything to save cost and increase ROI is critical. Trade shows also offer some of the highest ROI opportunities so its smart to invest in a quality display. However, investing in a quality booth includes making smart choices by getting a booth that offers versatility.

ecoSmart Storage Room Booths

ecoSmart-2074 Backlit 20ft Sustainable DisplayAnother great solution for booths with storage rooms is the ecoSmart line of display systems. Each kit is made to order in Portland, OR with exceptional quality and craftsmanship. We offer many pre-designed systems that already include storage rooms to make it easy to click and buy a high end booth with custom features! For a 10ft booth kit, check out the ecoSmart-1074. It includes a storage room, backlit panel, custom counter, and shelf. This booth is highly functional and easy to purchase! It also uses many of the same parts to expand to the ecoSmart-2074 20ft booth. This booth offers 2 storage rooms behind the monitor mounts. It also includes a custom display rack and large backlit center panel.

Now its time to jump into some serious booths. Island booths are typically the booth space where storage is most critical. In standard booth spaces, its possible to store a handful of things behind the booth. With an island everything is exposed so storage inside counters, storage rooms, and towers is critical. The ecoSmart-6084 is a great example of a 30×30 booth with a large storage room and multiple counter storage locations. Three double sided work stations utilize 6 counters which include storage. However, more storage is possible with more counters or an added tower.

What do you think about these display with built in storage rooms? Should we offer more solutions like this? We will continue to bring Off the Shelf Booths with Storage Rooms to the online market place to make ordering high end booth simple and fast!