Inflation is here to stay at the moment. Companies and individuals are doing everything they can to save cost. Creative Imaging Displays has made this processes easier than ever before! Our replacement graphics sections is full of factory direct replacement graphics for the most popular display products. Additionally, we can custom make replacement graphics for nearly any trade show display. Whether it is a custom booth or an older pop up display, most of the time we have a solution! However, not all replacement graphics are created equally. Find out how to Save Cost with Replacement Graphics for Trade Show Displays by reading this post!

Save Cost with Replacement Graphics for Trade Show Displays

Factory Direct vs. Aftermarket Reprints

The automotive market is very well known for options of OEM or aftermarket parts. An OEM part is directly from the manufacturer of the vehicle and is usually the best option. Aftermarket parts come from outside manufacturers that use manufacturers specs to create parts. Depending on the part, manufacturer, and requirements, aftermarket parts are usually lower in quality than an OEM part. However, this is not always the case for certain vehicles and situations.

Replacement graphics for trade show displays follow a similar pattern. Usually the best solution is to get a graphic directly from print shop for your particular product. In some situations, an alternative print shop does produce graphics to the same quality, fitment, and finishing standards as the original. Other specialty print shops are able to offer alternative unique materials that offer better print quality or vibrancy compared to factory direct. Creative Imaging Displays offers factory direct reprints for our most popular display products. Additionally, we have a large network of specialty print shops that offer alternative materials and printing solutions. This means we can reprint graphics, in most cases, from discontinued and custom display systems from any manufacturer. Our years of experience and wide network of suppliers makes Creative Imaging Displays an industry leading solution for replacement graphics!

Ensuring You Purchase the Correct Graphics

Outdoor Replacement GraphicsOur website is set up to easily order your replacement graphics with assurance they will fit your specific frame. However, what if you are unsure about the origin of your display hardware? Contact us if you ever have questions about replacement graphics and hardware! It is important to ensure you know the origin of your display systems. Many displays look similar, however the sizes, specs, and finishing requirement have many nuances that make it specific to a frame. If you purchase a Hop Up replacement graphic, but you have any RPL frame, it will not fit.

How do I know which frame I have?

There are a handful of ways to tell which frame you have. Most frames have unique features including connectors, scissors, hubs, and graphic attachment points. Another easy way is from the receipt or set up instruction sheet. Most of the time the model or manufacturer will be listed. If this fails, contact us and we can help! Send us some pictures of the frame and any details you have so we can identify the frame and get you a replacement graphic.

Custom Graphic Solutions

For unique situations, we offer a service where the customer can send in their frame or custom booth to our print shop. If we can’t figure out the exact specs, we will measure out and custom fit your frame. This is a great service for custom booths where the manufacturer is no longer in business and/or specs are not available. We can also offer this same service for any trade show display. If you need replacement graphics we are your source! Instead of buying a whole new display, Save Cost with Replacement Graphics for Trade Show Displays with Creative Imaging Displays! We constantly update our website with factory direct replacement graphics for all the trade show displays we sell!