There is still time to book outdoor marketing events for spring and summer 2023! The hard part is done, you have found Creative Imaging Displays to help supply you with all your outdoor event products and design services! Now comes the difficult task of determining which events are worth the investment. Trade shows and events take up a lot of time and resources, so it’s essential to plan accordingly to maximize your return on investment. Often overlooked, it’s also important to find events that are fun and exciting. These events are great team building opportunities and often a fun break to the everyday grind. Let’s talk about outdoor events to attend in 2023 and determine the best solutions for your company!

Outdoor Events to Attend in 2023

Major Outdoor Events across the USA in 2023

Sporting Events

Masters Golf Tournament – Augusta, Georgia

April 3-9 2023

Are you connected to the golf and or sports industry? A major event like the Masters Golf Tournament is a great place to make new connections! Vendor spaces are available to sell directly or via networking. The Masters might be out of budget or space is unavailable. Don’t worry, there are plenty of local sporting events throughout the spring and summer. The US Open takes place Aug. 28 – Sept. 10, 2023. This is a major US sporting event that may still be available for marketing opportunities! Look into local minor league teams, major league teams, camps, parades, and festivals. There is no lack of sporting events, and if your company sells to any sector of the sports industry make sure to find the best local events and start exhibiting!

Music and Art Festivals

Coachella – Indio, California – Burning Man Festival – Black Rock Desert, Nevada

April 14-23 2023 – Aug. 24 – Sept. 4, 2023

Burning Man FestivalMusic festivals are in full swing and will continue into fall. Coachella is one the largest, and well known music and arts festivals in the country! The event is fast approaching so exhibiting space may be non-existent. That’s ok, look into booking for next year to get ahead of the game, and look forward to other more accessible music and art festivals this year! Lollapalooza takes place August 3-6 in Chicago. If you are looking to get involved in a major music festival try to book right away, there may still be space available! Another great solution is signing up with local concert venues. Most venues will rent space for every event so there are many opportunities for festival marketing at smaller events.

Burning Man Festival is a counterculture event that is a unique art festival. It takes place from August 24 – September 4, 2023. There is a gifting culture at this event which is a great opportunity to hand out unique gifts that can also market your product. This festival started in 1986 with only 20 people, it’s now one of the most well known art festivals in the country!

Local Outdoor Marketing Events to Attend in 2023

It is possible that huge, national outdoor events are out of budget, or just the wrong fit for your organization. However local marketing events make up the majority of exhibiting opportunities for 2023. Farmers markets continue to offer some of the lowest cost networking and sales opportunities. Originally farmers markets were just that, a market for local farmers to sell fresh produce. As the economy has changed and there are fewer local farmers, these events now act as a “community market” where members of the community can showcase a product or service they offer. These events are great for making connections in your community. Maybe you will make zero sales at the market, but you may meet someone local that is a large buyer for your product or service. Local events may offer less attendees, but any connections made are usually solid and long term.

Additionally, search your local event calendar for any local events that offer booth space. Find the best shows that match your company’s product or service to the attendee profile. Make sure to search for the following events:

  • Music Festivals
  • Concert Venues
  • Sporting Events – Golf, Tennis, Racing
  • State Fairs
  • Car Shows and Hobby Events
  • Food, Wine, and Beer Festivals

Face to face marketing in sunny outdoor weather is one the most effective, and fun ways to market a product or service. Sign up for many of these events and keep good records of lead generation as well as sales. At the end of the year analyze these events and determine the best exhibiting locations for the following year!

Products to use at Outdoor Events in 2023

After reviewing all the great events for this spring and summer, it’s important to get your exhibiting products as well as branding in order! The base to any good outdoor marketing set up is a branded Outdoor Event Tent. We highly recommend the Zoom Event tent, offered in 10×10 and 10×20 sizes with optional side walls. A new product we are excited about is the Zoom Flex Outdoor Billboard event display. It uses fiberglass poles and a mesh graphic that stands up to 14 mph winds!

Make sure to get your hands on at least one A-frame board. A-frames are great to guide attendees to your space. Put one at the entrance to the event and at major intersections to remind attendees of your presence. The Ace 2 Outdoor Sign is a great solution due to the low price point and whiteboard feature! On this a-frame you can write directly on the sign with dry erase to easily customize messaging for the day!

At Creative Imaging Displays we know the outdoor industry and also the best products available. We know which outdoor events to attend in 2023! Additionally our team of sales staff and designers are here to offer a full service experience when shopping for outdoor event products in 2023! Stay tuned for for more great tips on outdoor event exhibiting and also new products for 2023!