If you’re exhibiting at trade shows, but not getting the foot traffic you’re hoping for, then it might be time to take a really close look at your trade show display. Is it inviting to show attendees? Is it visually appealing to potential customers? If the answer is no, then your booth may be in need of a makeover. It doesn’t have to be extreme, but a few light touches toward your presentation can help with measurable results. Read our 6 reasons why your trade show display needs a makeover to get started!

We’ve put together a list of six reasons why you may want to consider a makeover for your booth. These will help you determine what types of booth designs and features are working today, and how you can more effectively attract potential customers.

6 Reasons Why Your Trade Show Display Needs a Makeover

Reason #1 – Stay Ahead of the Curve:

If you don’t keep up with change, you may get left behind.  Look around at your competitors. What are they doing that you’re not? Booth babes may be fading, but digital signage is attracting. Like fashion, there are trends in the way trade show booths are designed and presented. If your display seems outdated, then it’s time to make changes to stay ahead of the curve of technology and modern-day appearances.

Reason #2 – Use New Technology:  Electronic tablets are a good way to more effectively attract and engage potential customers.  Tablets are now very popular at trade shows, and in business in general. Using them effectively in your booth can foster great impressions from potential customers, as in “these guys get it.” Most trade show attendees are all wired with smartphones, laptops and tablets. It’s best that your exhibitor’s booth does the same.

Offer tablets on pedestals as entry points for exploring your products or giving you their contact information.  Play an appealing promotional video that allows visitors to explore informational links on the tablet and engage with your booth staff. Once they are in, they are more apt to ask pointed questions with the staff.

Reason #3 – Move to dynamic signage: 

Digital signs can add another level at which to engage attendees. They can convey the message of your booth dynamically, colorfully, and from a distance. Their messages can be changed throughout the day or days of the show to give it a more dynamic feel. Additionally it can test out the effectiveness of different messages and images as the trade show progresses.

6 reasons to give your trade show display a makeoverReason #4 – Too much booth clutter: You may have too much clutter. The trend toward digital is helping to diminish this aspect in some regard. It takes the place of piles of promotional brochures and posters. Think clean lines and open spaces for your booth. David Brull, the Vice President of Marketing and Membership for the Trade Show Exhibitors Association, suggests exhibitors should consider their trade show display as home for a few days. “You need to think of it as your home for a few days, and inviting people into your space should be a pleasant experience.”  Common advice among industry watchers is to ensure that your space is a comfortable zone for you to talk to your customers.

Reason #5 – Use color:  Trade show displays using colors are back in fashion, and comfortable, unemotional colors are becoming more common. Does your booth display surprise and wow the attendees? Consider using the warmth of real tablecloths and soft lighting. It is much better than using plastic and fluorescent lights. Additionally use fresh cut flowers and artwork to warm up the space. Wood surfaces are also coming into play more and more in trade show booths. This gives your space a homey feel and contributes to making it a comfortable space for doing business.

Reason #6 – Coordinate your look:

Lastly, take a good look at the team you assemble for your booth. Are you coordinated with matching company shirts? The look of your team is nearly as important as the look of your booth. Get connected with each other and present a unified front. Which of the 6 reasons why your trade show display needs a makeover apply to your booth design?

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