Trade show booth etiquette is extremely important because most contacts or potential new clients are made by the exhibitor staff. Putting a lot of money and time into an event and booth shouldn’t be in vain. Which means making sure the booth staff gives a great impression of the company they are representing. In our infographic, Tradeshow Booth Etiquette, we provide effective tips and tricks to ensure that booth staffers allow for a successful show with a great outcome.

Trade Show Booth Etiquette Infographic

Trade Show Booth Etiquette Infographic Creative Imaging Displays

One of the first things that people see when walking by a booth is the staff. The staff is the first impression people get of the company. Having a clean and put together appearance is paramount because first impressions are everything. Clients perceive the staff of a company to be a direct representation of the company itself. So, in theory the staff is the company. Being clean cut, dressed professionally, having a name tag, and smiling is essential.

Trade Show Booth Staff Etiquette

Potential clients go to these events to gather information on future purchases they may want to pursue. A knowledgeable booth staff will have more success turning an inquiry into a sale in the future. The booth staff needs to speak in the company’s voice which means that they need to understand the company’s goals. Also the company needs to make sure that the booth staff has proper training to handle these types of events. Spending the money on training is not considered “wasted” money. If the booth staff has proper knowledge it will also increase the exhibitor’s success in bringing in potential new clients and increasing sales.

Isle Staffers

Engaging passers-by is one of the most important jobs of a booth staffer. These people have potential to become a client and that isn’t something you want to walk right past you! Get the staff in the aisle engaging attendees in conversation and integrating them over to your booth. Some attendees may not realize how a product can help them, so a well trained staffer can be a valuable asset.

Having someone in the aisle engaging the attendees in conversation then introducing them to someone stationed at the booth will allow the aisle staff to go back out and bring in more potential customers. The booth staff needs to be extremely knowledgeable about what they are trying to sell. Attendees are going to ask questions, they want to know every available option they may have or they simply may want to know more about your company. Make the booth staff the face and voice of your company at these trade show events.

Booth Space Organization

Another thing to remember is to ensure that the booth has proper coverage. Which means assigning booth staff to specific locations of the booth space. Having a manager around to oversee everything is always an advantage to ensure everything runs smoothly. A great tip is to use the 80/20 rule with attendees meaning; spend 80% of the time listening to what the attendee is saying and 20% of the time speaking. The client will usually tell the staff exactly what they need so listening is very important when trying to determine the best product or service to recommend.

General Etiquette

Some important things to avoid at a trade shows are to reduce cell phone usage, and reduce engaging in conversation with co-workers. This sends the signal to the attendees that this company doesn’t care as well as the staff is bored. Attendees make their first impressions by what they see and your booth staff needs to make a good impression by having their hands at their sides or folded behind their back and looking interested by engaging in conversation with attendees.

It is vitally important to have the appropriate trade show booth etiquette to keep the attendee’s coming to your booth. Check out our infographic which outlines the correct etiquette when attending a trade show event. These tips will help to ensure a successful show with a profitable outcome. Finally, partner with Creative Imaging Displays as your supplier for all trade show booth displays!