So, you’ve registered for a trade show and it’s time to lead your company and its products to success by generating leads on prospective clients and buyers. But just showing up is not enough. To get the most out of a trade expo showing, it is important to properly prepare and demonstrate not only the value of your products and services, but also assert your organization as an authority in it’s industry. Let’s review some trade show tips from top exhibitors to get ideas to maximize success at your next trade show!

Trade Show Tips from Top Exhibitors

Before, During and After — Success

Having a successful trade show experience for your business objectives does not just happen during the show. Top exhibitors will tell you that there are three elements that must be properly executed for the best possible results. These elements include your preshow preparation, how you conduct yourself during the show, and how to take advantage of the networks and connections you gained after the show.

Before the Show

Prior to attending trade show events, one of the first elements you will want to plan is the design of your trade booths. Sometimes an organization’s first instincts call for displaying as much about a company or product and it’s selling points as possible. However, this is not the most desirable design move. Too much information can overwhelm prospective leads. It can also seem cluttered, overstated, and lose the focus of matters most: the product itself.

Clichéd information like “lowest price around” or “satisfaction guaranteed” are overused and under-fulfilled and sometimes do the opposite of instilling the trust you intend. Plus, chances are that competitors will also use these phrases resulting in a loss of the uniqueness that will help your brand stand out amongst them. Large, creative graphics, unique catch phrases that are easy to remember, and imaginative layouts will go a long way. Your display should identify the most unique aspects of your company, less than a handful of selling points, and simple, yet creative, phrasing.

Know Your Space

trade show tips for top exhibitors tool kit and adviceKnow everything about your allotted space, down to its dimensions and the availability of lighting and electrical access. Booths should also be wide open and not include tables or other barriers between the products and presenters and visitors.

Another aspect to preparation is to recruit your company’s best sales representatives to conduct the onsite presentation. Standing out at trade shows, with dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of competitors is the main goal, so put your organization’s best foot forward and make it a fun, competitive endeavor where high performance can be rewarded.

Generating leads beforehand can also be helpful. Don’t wait for the event and count on attracting all your leads onsite. Inform and invite prospective clients, past clients and other contacts weeks ahead of time. If you have attendees already looking for you, others are going to wonder what the fuss is all about.

During the Show

During a trade show impressions mean everything. You should look sharp, act professionally, and work to engage with the audience. Trade shows should be networking events for your company. Trade your contacts with competitors and let your product and your confidence speak for itself. Make sure your top officers and representatives are on hand and set appointments on the spot so that you are immediately on clients’ calendars and their minds. It also saves follow-up work after the event.

Top exhibitors say that having a booth and being friendly and outgoing are important but they are not enough. Attend events wherein you have a chance to standup, present and speak to the crowd on panels, give speeches and host events such as dinners or conferences. These establish you and your company and its products as authorities in their industries. It can also gain them massive exposure beyond a booth in your corner of a convention center. Experts also say it’s helpful to handout party favors or gifts like t-shirts or cool gadgets. Which of the trade show tips from top exhibitors have you found most helpful? Let us know in the comments!

You’re Home

Blade Lite Retractable Banner StandsFollow-up is the most important action after a show. Immediately, respond to contacts or requests who follow up with you. Contact all leads gained. Every lead is a potential sale and sales have always been a numbers game. There is no need to risk losing a sale to a competitor. Additionally, it is important to cultivate and persist upon any connections you have.

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