In continuation of our series “Behind the Scenes of the Trade Show Industry” we want to provide some very helpful insights into the process of manufacturing a custom trade show booth. The fall and winter trade show season is fast approaching and will not slow down again until this time next summer. It is important to start your custom trade show booth now if you want to ensure your trade show success. In this post we will cover the reasons why it’s so important to start early. Additionally, we will explain the process of manufacturing and designing so it all makes sense. Are you too late to build a custom trade show booth? Don’t worry, we have great solutions to create custom-looking booths with stock materials to reduce lead time!

Start your custom trade show booth now

Build your Booth During the Slow Season

The first reason to start your custom trade show booth now is to take advantage of the slow season for the trade show industry. Typically June-August are considered the slow part of the year for trade show manufacturers and distributors. This is directly related with the lower number of trade shows throughout the USA. If you are looking to design and build a booth from scratch this is the time to do it!

A few reasons to start designing on booth your booth early include:

  • Zero or very low wait time to get 3D Renderings
  • Additional time to make sure every design element is perfect
  • Faster production time
  • Eliminate the need for expedited shipping
  • Eliminate the need to ship direct to show (incurring extra fees)
  • Additional time to set up the booth prior to the show for practice

Just like anything, when you plan ahead and start early you can spend the time and energy needed to get the booth exactly right. You will eliminate additional stress, costs, and mistakes related to last minute planning.

Find the Right Supplier for your Booth

Planning for your booth early will provide additional time to find the supplier that best fits your needs. Remember, building a custom trade show booth is a lot like a small home build or remodel. It involves a lot of communication, so it’s important you feel comfortable with the company completing the project. If you start now, you can shop the market for different manufacturers and suppliers. Find a supplier that produces booths similar to your style, but more importantly, a company with great communication. If you start working with someone and find out later you don’t like working with them, you have time to switch it up! Make sure to find the best value! Shopping around has potential of saving thousands on a custom booth without sacrificing quality.

Explore Booth Styles and Options

The world of custom trade show booths seems endless at times. There are thousands of pre-designed booth photos available to browse and come up with great ideas, or use the pre-fab design. Make sure to set aside time to research all the different options. For example, ecoSmart Sustainable Exhibits use eco-friendly materials and designs so your booth has reduced environmental impact. For many companies it is very important to make sure their booths are eco-friendly and/or made in the USA. Planning ahead allows for time to find a booth that meets your company’s goals. Check out this great video to find out more about ecoSmart exhibits and if they are right for you!

These simple steps make the custom trade booth design and build process much more efficient. This results with a great booth design, built by a great supplier, without additional added expenses. Please consider Creative Imaging Displays for your next custom trade show booth. Our expertise dates back 15 years so we know exactly what it takes to design and build a great booth, at a great price point. Let’s get started today!