The trade show industry is changing. For years now, companies throughout the industry are acknowledging the wasteful nature of trade shows. To combat the excessive waste in the industry, all of us are utilizing the most eco-friendly production methods available. Additionally, the industry as a whole is actively participating in programs to continue to lower waste, improve safety, and reduce pollution. Is this important to you? It is to us! Let’s go over some of the eco-friendly trade show displays we currently offer, as well as where we are planning to go in the near future!

Eco-Friendly Trade Show Displays

OnePlanet Fabric – Graphics Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles!

Waveline DisplaysAll of our Brandstand USA brand products utilize graphics that are printed in the USA and use polyester fabric made from recycled plastic bottles! Not only are we reducing the amount of oil based materials, we participate in actively reduce plastic bottle waste by creating an economic incentive to collect and recycle old bottles! OnePlanet Fabric is the first signage fabric made in America from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic! Find out more on the manufactures website! You might be asking, which products on utilize this fabric?

Trade show booths with OnePlanet Fabric include Waveline Displays and OneFabric Displays! Additionally, the Blimp Towers and Blimp Hanging Signs utilize the same fabric! Don’t forget the Waveline Counter, Triangle Counter, and Triangle Tower! However, there must be catch, right? Are the graphics blurry, less vibrant, more expensive, and less durable? Absolutely not! OnePlanet Fabric trade show graphics are comparable in quality, price, and durability to our other graphics! Our long term goal is to offer ONLY 100% recycled fabric graphic on our entire product line!

Eco-Smart Sustainable Exhibits

ecoSmart-102T Table Top Sustainable DisplayAs covered in our previous blog post on 5 reasons to use eco-friendly materials in your trade show booth, EcoSmart Sustainable Exhibits are the premier line of eco-friendly trade show displays! Manufactured in the PNW (Pacific Northwest), EcoSmart uses recycled fabric graphics, recycled aluminum, and sustainably sourced components to create the most eco-friendly displays on the market. In addition, everything is Made in the USA and designed to last a lifetime, which drastically reduces the overall carbon footprint. Another bonus with EcoSmart is every booth is designed to break down, or size up with existing components. This reduces cost and waste by utilizing already existing display structure!

EcoSmart trade show displays are custom built per order. We offer a large selection of designs so it’s easy to find a great display without designing it from scratch. Additionally, we design booths from the ground up! If you want a custom built booth, we can build it with eco-friendly materials, without compromising design or functionality!

The Future

As we continue to utilize the most eco friendly trade show displays, we are expanding our efforts to reduce waste in the trade show industry. Since we founded our company, we have focused on high quality products. Many of our customers still use frames and hardware that are over 10 years old! Using durable, high quality hardware is the first step to reduce waste. Using an already manufactured product is almost always more eco-friendly than buying a new product. A continued focus on durable, reusable hardware is key to reduce materials in the landfill. For all new products, we are working with our suppliers to find recycled and recyclable materials to replace our standard materials. If you want to discuss how to create a sustainable trade show booth, contact us today!