Shopping for trade show display products in 2023 is straight forward, simple, and affordable relative to 15 years ago. Prior to 2010, nearly every trade show display utilized rollable vinyl or ridged core graphics. Additionally, most displays used carpeted walls that acted as the main backdrop. Rollable and ridged graphics were very expensive and difficult to ship, so most exhibitors would purchase a carpeted booth and use Velcro graphics to display their messaging. These trade show booths were heavy, large, and expensive to ship. They also did not look all that great and took a really long time to assemble. However, fabric graphic printing came on the scene in full force around 2010 and revolutionized the entire industry! Today nearly all trade show displays utilize fabric graphic technology. Let’s go over all the great features and advantages of fabric trade show graphics!

The Fabric Trade Show Graphics Revolution

Advantages of Fabric Trade Show Graphics

Fabric Trade Show Graphics offer a wide variety of advantages that trickle through the entire trade show market. Many of the advantages include:

  • Full color, wall to wall graphics on the entire display surface, sides, and back
  • Compact storage and shipping
  • Durable and Washable
  • Allows for lightweight, compact frame systems
  • Endless design and configuration options
  • Allows for seamless backlit light boxes
  • Double sided displays at a low cost
  • Overall lower cost systems compared to rollable and ridged graphics

WaveLight® LED Backlit Display Kits 10ft Kit 2 side viewFabric graphics are lightweight, and most importantly, very compact. They fold up so they fit easily in smaller shipping cases and carrying bags. Additionally, this allows the framework supporting the graphics to be made from lightweight aluminum, so the overall display lighter, less expensive, and easier to assemble. One of the most important features of fabric graphics is their durability. Compared to rollable PVC graphics, fabric graphics to do not dent, crease, or scratch. If you have ever used a rollable graphic display you know exactly what I mean! Now that we know the advantages, let’s break down the most popular finishing options to see what works best for you!

Pillowcase Style Stretch Fabric Graphics

Pillowcase style graphics are exactly as they sound. Two pieces of fabric are sewn together on three sides, with a zipper on one side. These graphics slide over a tubular aluminum frame and zip on the bottom. They provide a seamless and easy to assemble display that looks clean and modern. One of the original and most popular systems is the Waveline Display. This simple and straight forward display system is compact, lightweight, and very easy to assemble. It’s available in multiple sizes and configuration options! We can pair multiple walls to create a multidimensional display! The latest technology uses this pillowcase style design with an LED light array and specialized graphics to create an incredible light box! WaveLight Backlit LED displays use pillowcase graphics to their full protentional! Watch this great video to find out more!

SEG Fabric Graphics

WaveLight® Casonara Tower Light Box Displays SEG DetailSEG or Silicone Edge Graphic is the newest finishing option available for fabric displays. This technology works with aluminum channels to create a truly seamless display. SEG is the most popular option for backlit display systems because of the clean look and easy assembly. The silicone edge and stitched fabric slides into the channel hiding the silicone and stitching. This finishing option is ideal for custom displays! Due to this technology we are able to offer towers, hanging signs, inflatable displays, and backlit displays that look professional and vibrant for a very affordable price. Contact us today to find out more about SEG and all the great products we sell that utilize this technology!

Make sure to view our entire line of fabric display systems to find the perfect solution for your next trade show! We offer full service graphic design and industry leading custom service to support our clients. Creative Imaging Displays offers all the latest advancements in portable display systems so make sure to regularly check back for the latest products to make your brand stand out from the competition on the show floor!