When one needs to introduce a new product to the public or a target market, one of the best ways to do so is by displaying and demonstrating it at a trade show. It gives perspective customers a chance to look at the product up close and perhaps understand the concepts behind it. But to have a successful product showing, having a new or innovative variation on an old product is simply not enough; one must also have effective trade show displays and the right supplies to create them. Building the Ultimate Trade Show Booth is not easy feat, however Creative Imaging Displays has the knowledge and product lines to make this happen!

Building the Ultimate Trade Show Booth

Design for Success

For those who are new to the trade show events, some presenters tend to clutter booths with as much information or as many selling points as possible but this is often one of the biggest mistakes in trade fair display design. Experts say this just isn’t the way to go — less is more.

Just like any type of marketing endeavor, trade shows are competitive and it can be difficult to attract clients’ and customers’ attention when it takes too long for them to figure the point of the display. In fact, 3 seconds may be all the time one has to draw the attention of a passerby.

Infinity DNA Pro Lightbox Displays Custom 2Trade show veterans recommend new trade show displayers rent the smallest booth space possible for their first trade shows, see what works and what doesn’t and learn and develop effective practices as they proceed to more shows. This allows the opportunity for the displayer to learn from others’ successes and failures and add and subtract features accordingly. Simplicity not only will keep a customer’s attention span, it will save the displayer money, as well.

Another aspect design of intelligent booth design is openness. Misconceived designs often include a table between the display and the representative and customers. This does nothing but separate potential clients from the presenter and the materials concerning the products.

Bring in Customers

Effective designs should invite customers into the display and bring them closer to the product and presentation, so at that moment, they are only in the “world” of that displayer’s products and selling points. Adding hands-on elements that customers can see, hear, touch and/or taste will also enhance the experience and help leave a lasting impression. Make it as concise as possible but also comfortable so no one feels closed in or trapped.

Another important aspect to effective design of a trade show booth is effective graphics. Large, uniquely styled graphical displays are very beneficial because they will help a booth stand out from its competitors. The most effective graphics will contain the following elements: the most important and attractive aspects of the company or product, five or less selling points and an avoidance of clichéd phrases.

Creative Imaging Displays has all the tools to create the perfect trade show display booths, including portable trade show displays with all the proper elements for success at the best prices. Contact us today to help get your product to your customers, ensuring you get the most out every show.