Understanding the purchasing habits of trade show attendees is a critical component of being a trade show exhibitor. When you have a trade show approaching, your focus should not only be on how your booth design stands out and shines from the competition, but ensuring it leaves a lasting impression on attendees when they leave. We have a great article on making a lasting impression to give more insights into this topic. Our infographic on trade show attendee purchasing habits provides insight into the psychology of attendees. Make sure to check out all of our infographics for great advice on trade shows, marketing, and small business!

Trade Show Attendee Purchasing Habits

Trade Show Attendee Purchasing Habits

Make a Lasting Impression

Making a lasting impression is what brings in leads and turns them into sales. The great thing about a trade show is that it allows show goers to go through a large swath of the consumer buying process without interruption. Looking at the five stages of consumer behavior, step 1, Problem Recognition: Perceiving a Need, is what leads them to the trade show in the first place. However, while perusing all of the exhibits, they can run through the next 3 steps with speed and efficiency.

With competitors steps away from one another attendees can both assess information(step 2) and evaluate the alternative products(step 3) that make up the next two phases of the consumer decision making process. This is all about booth appeal and how your product separates itself from the competition. Your ability to thrive in these two areas is what sets the table for the part of the buying process you are most interested in: the purchasing decision. This decision is what leads to the habits lined out below.

While each attendee is unique, how people assess information, compare alternatives and come to a purchasing decision is a process that all trade show exhibitors should be familiar with.

Booth Presentation at Trade Shows

Attending a trade show gets the purchasing juices flowing for attendees. Are you presenting your booth and product in a way that attracts people over and makes the consumer have a pleasant experience learning about your product? If so you are taking a step in the right direction in ensuring you are on the minds of attendees and benefiting from their purchasing habits while in attendance at your trade show.

Take this infographic on trade show attendee purchasing habits and use the information to inform your booth staff and marketing team. You are sure to see an increase in ROI and overall effectiveness of your trade shows!