Understanding trade show booth regulations is one of the first things to check off of your to do list in preparation for a trade show or convention. Whether you are a first time or seasoned trade show attendee, knowledge of regulations allows you to make the best decision about how to position your exhibit. Trade show booth guidelines vary across shows. Be sure to check in advance regarding specifics. Regulations surrounding booth dimensions, spacing, lighting and emitting noise are key components of any booth. Because everyone at the show has to work within the same restrictions, creativity is especially important in how you display your booth.

Trade Show Booth Regulations - Infographic

Trade Show Booth RegulationsSelecting the right booth space can result in better traffic and more leads. However, certain regulations imposed by the show can diminish advertising exposure. Research every show to insure your current booth or possible booth purchase will work within the show regulations. Island and peninsula booths offer the most advertising area because most shows allow hanging banners and tall booth backdrops.

Check the Fine Print

Remember to check all of the fine print for lighting restrictions, flooring requirements, and set up regulations. Many trade show events have regulations on which exhibitors can set up their own booth. Size, weight, and materials often contribute to regulatory rules. Many shows also require low wattage or LED lighting due to fire marshal regulations. This is very important to check because if your booth is using halogen lights you may be stuck with no lighting for the show. Keep in mind we have also seen shows that have requirements on the type of flooring or graphic substrates that can be used in the booth space.

Many show contractors have very specific show requirements including dates to ship to an advanced warehouse or directly to the show. Pay attention to these dates! Shipping to the wrong address on the wrong date can result in higher fees charged by the contractor. Many shows allow exhibitors to carry in their booths, but some shows have restrictions on the size or weight of items being carried into the show.

Carefully checking the show contractors’ guidelines can make or break an event. Be sure to read in depth and keep this infographic handy for any future shows you are attending. Contact Creative Imaging Displays if you have any questions on booths that will work within show regulations!