One of the hottest trends out right now is social networking with trade shows. Social media is one of the fastest ways to stay connected with the outside world. Additionally, it is also a useful tool for small business to grow. In our infographic, Using Social Networking and Your Trade Show, it outlines how to use social media in marketing your company at a trade show. Social Networking is a great way to connect to potential customers, and get information out to the mainstream public.

Using Social Networking with Trade Shows

Trends in Social Networking with Trade Shows

Using Social Networking with Trade Shows - InfographicUse the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to send out information before the show. It is hard for people to know what is going on if they aren’t aware of it. Social Media is a great way to encourage attendees to start tweeting in advance. Make sure you are also using Facebook as a way to promote the show. A forum to answer questions and send out incentives for the event is another way to increase traffic. Contests using social media are a great way to get information spread quickly by having a vast amount of people seeing what your event is about.

The days of forgetting business cards or contact information is behind you because of social networking. With sites like Linkedin and Facebook, company information is easy to share with a vast audience in a short amount of time. Using social networking allows a company to share information and bring the audience into the show allowing a company to have face-to-face interaction. Who knew that social media would be such a great marketing tool.

Engage the Audience

By engaging the audience on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn it gets the audience talking about your company. Additionally, it allows you to respond to questions and promote your company at the same time. Social networking is a great investment for such a big return. However, it is also an effective marketing asset that doesn’t take a lot of time but can have a big impact. Most people now a day’s use social networking sites to gain information on upcoming events and stay connected to the world around them. As an essential resource for companies wanting to expand their business and social media is increasing the amount of visitors every year.

Most people check their facebook or twitter several times a day. Marketing news or new products via social media is a great way to spread the news quickly. Using this approach will allow you to stay ahead of the competition and stay up to date with all the ever changing trends. There are so many ways to use social networking to your advantage and help keep your company in front of the pack. In our infographic, we show all the different social networks that can be used while at the trade show. Additionally we provide ways to follow up after the trade show event wraps up. The number one rule to remember after a trade show is to stay connected and follow up with leads.

Stay Connected

Staying connected and providing updates allows the audience to keep up with your latest products and share them for you. Without knowing it, people are being used as marketing tools to help promote new products just by sharing them with their friends who turn around and share it with their friends. Why not take advantage of this and promote any way you can. Social networking is a growing trend which will only increase. Engaging in discussion boards on LinkedIn or Facebook is a great way to gain knowledge and ask questions.

There are so many resources out there that people can help you find that you may not have been aware of. Not only is social media a great way to promote your products and company but is also a great way to get connected with others in your industry and answer questions you may not even know you had! Having connections can not only help your company grow but it can lead to professional partnerships.

One thing to remember is to stay connected! Use social media to your advantage by keeping the audience up to date on upcoming events or product releases. For something that doesn’t take a lot of time it can have a big impact on your company. Use every resource you can to help your company grow! Creative Imaging Displays provides free resource like this infographic to help our customers be the best exhibitors on the show floor. Shop our entire selection of trade show displays to find the perfect fit for your company!