One of the hardest things to do at a trade show is Creating a Big Look on a Small Budget. In most cases a unique and attractive display will cost more than a simple display. Creative Imaging Displays takes pride in searching through all the available displays on the market and finding the best values available. We will never carry a product that is poor quality just because it has low price point. We have found quite a few options for exhibitors looking for a quality product that will make a statement while remaining on a tight budget.

Creating a Big Look on a Small Budget

The first great option is the Waveline display which has a clean look that is similar to other displays that are three times the price. While the Waveline does not offer a long list of accessories it will create a stunning booth display for a very low price point. With the Waveline all printing is included and a 10 foot display costs under $800. There are multiple sizes available to fit smaller booth spaces and table tops.

Shopping Tips

When shopping for lower cost products it is critical to remember a few key elements to make sure you get a product that will hold up and arrive in the condition described.

  • Research the product on multiple sites to find the best price and multiple descriptions
  • Find the manufacturers site and research their quality and capabilities
  • Only buy from companies that are willing to disclose the manufacturer and origin of the product
  • Ask for graphic samples, live shots of finished displays, or referrals to insure the finished product will represent the advertised quality.

WaveLight® LED Backlit Display 10ft wideAnother great value that we have found is the WaveLight LED Backlit Display. This system is similar to the Waveline, however it uses a LED light array to create a light box that is compact, lightweight, and easy to assemble! It is available in 5 standard sizes to fit standard trade show booths. Backlit displays offer the best ROI of any display system. Yes they are more expensive, but benefits greatly outweigh the costs. In addition to the standard WaveLight backwall, we offer towers, counters, hanging signs, and banner stands which are all backlit!

Don’t forget to add some affordable trade show flooring to your booth to add high value for a low cost. We offer interlocking tiles, rollable flooring, and custom printed flooring which is sure to level up your booth space! Our interlocking flooring includes built in padding which helps exhibitors and attendees stay comfortable during show hours.

These options as well as many others found at offer great values that can give your company a big look for a low price. Manufacturer warranties back up all our products to provide confidence that you will receive the product that is described. Shopping around is the key to finding a quality, low cost product that will work for your company. Creating a Big Look on a Small Budget is easy when you find the right company to work with!