Banner stands have been one of the most popular marketing displays for years. They are compact and very easy to transport making them ideal for trade shows and marketing events. Most banner stands can be taken onto airplanes which makes transportation very easy. Creative Imaging Displays offers a huge selection of all types of banner stands including economy and premium lines.

Advantages of Banner Stands

Types of Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are the most popular option of all banner stands. The banner retracts into the base making assembly fast and simple while protecting the banner during shipping. One of the most popular retractable banner stands is the Orient 800. Its affordable price point and high quality stand making this banner a great value. It also includes an anti-curl vinyl graphic that is guaranteed to lay flat. Another popular option is the Mosquito which is from our economy line. It is a direct import from China which gives it a low price point but is quality control in the US to avoid any manufacturer defects. It also includes an anti-curl vinyl graphic that will lay flat even with black ink.

The most popular banner stand is the Imagine banner stand because of its high quality construction and available features. The Imagine has a replaceable cassette so switching out graphics is quick and easy. There is also a telescoping pole that allows the user to adjust the height of the banner stand. The Imagine also includes a hard shipping case to help protect it during shipping. This banner also includes an anti-curl vinyl graphic.

The Most Popular Banner Displays

SilverStep 60" Banner StandsAll of our banner stand options are screened to insure we only offer banners that will last or that we would use ourselves. Additionally, we do offer a couple economy options that are only meant for minimal use, but it is clearly stated on the website. We price all of our banner stands below competitor pricing to insure all of our customers they will get a quality product at the lowest price available. We have also added hanging banners and outdoor banner stands to our line up. These banners are not as popular as traditional banner stands because of their unique features, but they are still great options for companies that need to utilize their unique characteristics.

Hanging banners consist of an aluminum frame that has a pillow case style fabric graphic that stretches over top of it. These banners are available in many shapes and sizes to fit any trade show booth. Hanging banners are ideal to gain instant recognition at any show. Outdoor banner stands are designed to work in outdoor setting and stand up to the elements. We carry options including tear drop and feather flag banners, retractable outdoor banners, and freestanding billboard banners. All of our outdoor banner stands are priced competitively and are designed to last for years of rugged outdoor use.