The Imagine banner stand that is manufactured by Orbus Company is one of the highest quality retractable banner stands available. It’s also available in a double sided version called the Advance. This banner stand is built with very strong internals and is designed to hold up under the most rigorous use. The casing is made from high grade aluminum and is very thick, preventing dents and other damage. The hardware includes hard plastic end caps which help protect the corners in transit and also add to the style of the stand. Read our Imagine and Advance Banner Stand Product Review to find out more!

Imagine and Advance Banner Stand Product Review

Features and Benefits

The Imagine and Advance retractable banner stands are very unique because they have an easy to replace graphic cartridge that can be changed in a matter of seconds. This is ideal for any exhibitor who needs to change graphics on site very quickly. It requires no tools making it ideal for travelers. There is also a telescoping pole with allows the user to adjust the height of the banner from 83” to 29”. They works great if the banner is also used as a table top display. The Imagine and Advance also come with a durable soft molded case. Its tough enough to be taken onto airlines and can be shipped via UPS or Fed Ex.


Advance retractable banner stand with accessory kitThe Imagine and Advance are actually easier to assemble that most banner stands because of the telescoping pole. When assembling make sure the telescopic pole is all the way down and simply pull the banner out of the base and place the top rail on the pole. To expand to full height, just twist the pole and extend it to full height. It’s simple, fast, and easy because the telescoping pole and retractable banner make set up time about one minute.

Graphic Options

There are three graphic materials available for the Imagine and Advance banner stand. The materials are 13 oz anti-curl vinyl, 8 oz Oxford dye sub fabric, and 11 oz melanex fabric. The most popular choice is the 13 oz anti-curl vinyl because it has the lowest price point, very high quality, and anti-curl technology. The dye sub fabric is ideal for customers looking to match a fabric printed backdrop or to display bright, vivid colors on the banner. The fabric is slightly less durable than the vinyl because it can tend to fray on the sides over time.

Final Thoughts

The Imagine and Advance are both great banner stands that Creative Imaging Displays would highly recommend to any client. If you asked us for a higher quality banner there would be no other option. These banner stands are the complete package and are exceptional in many different areas. The different graphics options and hardware features make this one of the most versatile banner stands on the market!