Orbital truss displays are among the most popular trade show truss displays available. They are all manufactured in the USA and engineered by Orbus Company in IL and NV. They are very popular because they are easy to assemble and very effective. Orbital truss displays are also some of the most affordable truss systems available. Every truss piece is connected by easy to use PVC connectors that twist lock to secure each truss section. All connectors can be hand tightened so no tools are needed for assembly. Graphics attach quickly with either Velcro or magnets and there are multiple materials to choose from. Check out the complete Orbital Truss Display Product Review to find out more!

Orbital Truss Display Product Review

Available Sizes and Options

The Orbital truss displays are available in almost any size or shape imaginable. There are multiple standard kits available in 10 foot, 20 foot, and island configurations. Any kit can be customized without adding custom design charges. Free 3D renderings are available for any custom kit so clients can see exactly what their custom truss system will look like when fully assembled. Custom set up instructions are also included in every kit. All kits are priced with lights and cases so every kit comes ready to go. Orbital truss displays can also be created completely from scratch so any design or configuration is possible.

Truss Construction

Lynx 10x10 Truss DisplayAll Orbital truss pieces are made in the United States for maximum quality and durability. They are constructed of steel and welded in all the joints. A silver powder coating is applied to eliminate rust problems and create an appealing finish. All truss joints are connected with solid ABS plastic connectors that hand tighten to achieve a secure connection quickly with no tools. Multiple junction boxes are used to achieve longer spans and different shapes. All truss pieces carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Truss displays are one of the most durable trade show displays available.

Graphic Options

Orbital truss offers multiple graphic choices. The first and most popular is the dye sublimation fabric printed on 8 oz. Oxford material. These graphics are the most popular because of their low price point and especially because of their durability. Fabric graphics can be folded and stored in compact areas. The tightly woven Oxford fabric will hold up through rugged use. Dye Sublimation graphics can be washed in washing machines on the gentle cycle so cleaning is very easy.

The second graphic option is 22 mil PVC, which is a semi-stiff material that can be rolled up and stored in a shipping container. This material offers slightly clearer printing and a flat appearance. These graphics are ideal for exhibitors looking for a crisp and clear graphic print that has a smooth, non-textured finish. The only downside is that 22 mil graphics require more care when shipping and assembling.

Optional Accessories

Orbital truss displays have multiple accessory options available including monitor mounts, internal shelves, attached counters, lighting, literature racks, counters, and LED lighting. All of these options can be mixed and matched to create a display that is unique and will maximize its effectiveness. Orbital truss displays are so strong that monitors weighing as much as 130 lbs. can be supported. Optional shelving is available in four different colors to match your color theme. Truss accessories can be purchased at any time to change the look of your trade show booth from show to show.

Final Thoughts

Orbital truss displays are the most popular portable truss systems because of their quality construction, low price point, and custom options. These displays can be customized with trade show flooring options or hanging banners to create a unique booth setup. Truss displays will grab attention from any passerby because of their use on major networks and sporting events. This makes the truss system recognizable for many people which will help to fill up your booth at any show.