Coyote pop up displays are produced by Orbus Company out of Illinois and Nevada. The Coyote has been available for over 15 years and has become one of the most popular pop up display systems. The Coyote pop up display is one of the easiest pop up displays to assemble because of the universal magnetic channels bars and easy to hang graphic panels. The signature anodized purple aluminum frame gives the Coyote an unmistakable look that is different from any other pop up. Check out the complete Coyote Pop Up Display Product Review to find out more!

Coyote Pop Up Display Product Review

Frame Quality and Set Up

The Coyote pop up display is designed with usability and durability in mind. The frame design is very simple allowing for fewer easy to break parts and easy assembly. The frame pops up from its compact shape quickly and easily while two magnetic arms lock the frame into place. The channel bars connect to the frame with a magnet to magnet connection so they attach very quickly. The channel bars have a divider so the fabric or graphic panels lay straight every time its assembled. All the magnets on the frame are neo earth magnets that do not loose there magnetism over time. The frame has a lifetime warranty to protect against any defects. The tubular aluminum is thicker than many pop up frames which helps to increase durability.

Available Fabric and Graphic Options

Coyote Monitor Mount and Internal ShelfThe Coyote pop up display is available in multiple display materials including fabric and 22 mil PVC graphics. Fabric panels are available in multiple colors and ribbed or smooth style fabric. All fabric panels are Velcro receptive so anything with hook side Velcro will attach to the panels. The fabric is made from eco friendly material that is produced from 100% post consumer plastic bottles. New panels can be purchased at any time to change the color of your display.

The graphic options is 22mil PVC printed with UV ink. This material is what is known as a “flexible” panel. Unlike fabric, the panel holds it’s shape, however it is rollable so it can pack up into the case. The benefit a direct substrate printing on PVC is the clarity and durability. The frame is designed to allow the panels to butt up right next to each other, without any gap. This a unique feature compared to other pop up displays. Additionally, the panels are guaranteed to line up and look nearly seamless.

Optional Accessories

The Coyote pop up display has multiple accessory options making it possible to create a custom display system. Optional accessories include internal shelf kits, monitor mounts, podium graphics, LED lights, bubble panels, and aluminum extrusion accent kits. Any or all of these options can be added to create a one of a kind pop up display that will work great for any company.

Final Thoughts

The Coyote pop up display is one of the highest quality displays tested by Creative Imaging Displays. The intelligent engineering of the frame makes this display system easy to use and very durable. While the Coyote is superior in quality to most pop up displays, the price point is significantly lower than competing products. Creative Imaging Displays includes graphics on every display which creates a display that has a lifetime warranty on the frame and 1 year warranty on graphics. Our trade show flooring options work great with any Coyote display! If you are looking for a pop up display that is easy to assemble and transport, but will also stand out and make an impact, the Coyote pop up display will meet all our needs without going over budget!