Tablets are excellent resources for exhibitors to use at trade show booths. Apps for social networking, data collation, information gathering, and surveys help build relationships with customers and promote lead generation while also serving as a gateway for brand exposure. Additionally, tablets help trade show exhibitors reach all of their professional goals. Read more to find out how Utilizing Tablets to Improve Your Booth can work for your company!

Utilizing Tablets to Improve Your Booth

Trade Shows with Tablets

Society is inundated with technological advents; people check e-mails, social media, and text messages through apps on their smart phone and tablet everywhere they go. The permeation of smartphones and tablets in people’s lives has led trade show exhibitors to update their marketing approaches.

In a more customer-centric society, marketers are focusing on building long-term, meaningful relationships with customers. Using tablets at trade shows is a non-invasive way to begin building new relationships. In fact, exhibitors reported that their top three priorities at trade shows were:

  • Build and expand brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Build relationships

Strategies for Using Tablets at Trade Shows

Tablet stands and literature racks allow customers to learn about the brand on their own terms without feeling as though they are being intimidated by live demonstrations or overwhelming sales team.

Tablet use was rated as one of the top new trade show trends of 2013. Tablets can be used by exhibitors and customers to gain information for relationships building and to casually get brand exposure. Tablets can be used to effectively improve the following:

  • Coordinate with sales teams
  • Allow customers to interact with the exhibitor’s content
  • Develop a sales pitch with streaming video or photos (make sure content is downloaded on the tablet in case the Internet is not available)
  • Quickly capture content data
  • Gather customer information useful for relationship building
  • Generate a lead capture forum for prospective customers
  • Provide further information on products or services

Tablet Apps for Trade Shows

Various Trade Show App Types

The volume of trade show apps for tablets is increasing exponentially. Trade show apps support a variety of functions including:

  • Lead generation
  • Product demonstrations
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Reporting and measurement
  • Electronic literature
  • Remote controllers
  • Social networking

For example, the QuickTapSurvey App transforms a smart device or tablet into an instant stand-alone kiosk enabling exhibitors to collect data with our without Internet. QuickTapSurvey is easy for exhibitors to use:

  1. Surveys are created online via the QuickTapSurvey administration website.
  2. The survey is downloaded to the app and collected responses as their entered.
  3. Responses are securely viewed online. Data can be exported and trends can be analyzed in real time.

The MokiTouch2 is a remotely manageable kiosk app that allows exhibitors to display web-based video or image content to facilitate customer engagement. The app can also store valuable information and statistics while conducting surveys.

The CamCard app reads business cards and instantly saves the information to the phone contacts. It guarantees an exhibitor will not lose an important client’s contact information ever again.

Another handy trade show app for tablets is the Video Looper, which is a screensaver-type app that shows video on a continuous loop—perfect for catching customer’s attention.

The functions and features tablets offer exhibitors are innumerable. They facilitate exhibitors’ meaningfully meeting and engaging with new customers, promote lead generation, and aid brand recognition. They are useful for saving exhibitors’ time and money in their ability to instantly collect data, process sales, and analyze information.

Creative Imaging Displays prioritizes excellent customer service, honesty, and transparency in customer interactions. Among the services and products offered, Creative Imaging Displays has the resources to help customers productively use tablet computers in reaching prospective customers and in improving their booths at trade shows.