“Why are trade show booth prices are all over the place?” If you are an exhibitor or an industry professional you have asked or heard this question many times. And it’s very true, trade show booth prices are all over the place! Well, why is that? In the trade show industry it is sometimes hard to identify due to the similar appearance of many different products. It would be like going to a car lot and 3 cars visibly look the same, but have much different price points. Just like cars, display prices vary for a variety of reasons. Some are made in the USA vs. made in China. Additionally, some are backlit vs. non-backlit. Some frames can support monitors and shelves while others are simply backdrops. Lets find out the differences between Economy vs. Premium Trade Show Booths!

Economy vs. Premium Trade Show Booths

Why do we offer Economy and Premium Booths?

Just like cars, everyone has different uses and expectations for their trade show booths. Some customers require a simple backdrop that displays a large graphic and that is it. Other customers require their booth to have a storage room, monitor mount, and shelving. As you can imagine a booth with a storage room not only has extra components, but needs a stronger and more sturdy frame system. With a simple backdrop you can get away with a basic frame and save a lot of money.

I like to compare this to purchasing a light duty pick up. There are pick ups that are 2 wheel drive with a single cab that are perfect for someone with little or no passengers driving lightweight items around. However, there are also 4×4 with off road packages, lift kits, and large tires for off road use. Different strokes for different folks. We offer trade show booth options in the same way.

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What are some examples?

Vector Frame SEG Tension Fabric Displays

A great way to showcase the differences in display systems that look very similar is with the Vector Frame Line of Display Systems. The three systems we will cover are:

  • Vector Frame Tension Fabric Displays
  • Vector Frame Light Box
  • Vector Frame Master Modular Kits

Vector Frame Tension Fabric Displays utilize a 2″ thick aluminum extrusion frame system that holds a SEG graphic (silicone edge graphic) for a seamless look. The display is available with a block out liner or additional graphic to make it double sided. This system is modern, sleek, and very attractive to attendees. However, that is where the options stop. If you are looking for a simple backdrop that is modern with seamless graphics, the Vector Frame is perfect. If you are looking for more features in your display system, keep reading!

Vector Frame Light Box Displays are very similar to the standard Vector Frame. However, these systems utilize a 4″ thick frame and LED Light bars to create an illuminated backdrop! Additionally, specialized graphics are used to create the most vibrant display possible! Single or double sided graphics are available!

If you are looking for a lot of features, Vector Frame Master Modular Displays are the ticket. We offer a variety of kits with different options including literature holders, counters, monitor mounts, and backlit panels. Each kit is available for customization upon request! Additionally, Vector Frame Displays are Made in the USA! Check out this video to find out more!

What should I choose?

As a company that sells trade show booths, definitely buy the most expensive option! More seriously, you should find a display that fits your needs and budget. When trying to decide between Economy vs. Premium Trade Show Booths its all about you! We offer many ways to browse our site so you can shop by size, quality, and price. If you want expert advice you can contact us! Our experienced team of trade show experts will help you find your perfect booth for your needs and budget. There are no commission sales or pressured sales targets. Our motivation lies in finding you the right booth and to build a long term business relationship. What is your experience with different trade show booths? Leave your comments below!