The Modulate Series of portable display systems offer versatility that is unmatched by any other display system. The essence of the Modulate System is the magnetic locking frames. Each panel is its own display, however they lock together with magnets to create a full display full system. We offer standard 10ft, 20ft, and 30ft inline kits. However, its easy to build one from scratch, without custom design fees or lead times. Many say Modulate Equals Ultimate Exhibiting Versatility. Modulate will work for an island booth or as an individual banner stand. We recommend this system for any organization that reconfigures their marketing products often. Organizations like schools, universities, churches, museums, and concert venues benefit greatly from a system like Modulate. Due to the versatility, cost savings is inevitable. Especially when the entry cost is similar to other display systems. Let’s find out more!

Modulate Equals Ultimate Exhibiting Versatility

One Display System – Unlimited Options

The Modulate exhibit system is essentially many different displays that link together to create any display you can imagine. All of these panels are independent displays, but when combined they turn into full inline kits. If you are someone that exhibits with large booth spaces we recommend purchasing one of the Modulate 30ft Kits so you have options for every show. Additionally, organizations like museums benefit great from a 30ft kit because you can use each panel for individual exhibits, or put them together for events to create partition walls, photo backdrops, or information billboards.

Modulate Series 10ft Backwall Kit 9It is very easy to take a larger kit and break it down to a smaller display. However, its just as easy to take a small booth and size it up. We do offer 30ft inline kits but we can expand these into 40, 50, or 60 foot inline booths. Is also possible to make island booth kits of any size. Contact us if you want help designing a custom Modulate Display!

Accessories and Upgrades

Modulate kits offer single and double sided printing to add additional versatility. Double sided printing is great for an island space or if you exhibit to different markets. One side could be for residential service, while the backside is designed for commercial service. Additionally, we offer hard shipping cases and LED Lighting to further increase functionality. More specifically, the OCE shipping case which converts to a podium with the optional case wrap and ECO Flood LED Lighting. You might also want to consider some trade show flooring and table throws to complete your booth space. Interlocking trade show flooring is ideal for the Modulate Display system because it also expands and breaks down with ease. Purchase a 10×30 floor and it will work in a 10×20 or 10×10 booth without additional pieces!

Table throws are another low cost, versatile way to dress up your booth space. Consider one of the Stretch Fabric Table Throws which work on standard 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft folding tables. The modern look and low cost make this option a no brainer! For even more versatility, we offer convertible table throws that work on both 6ft and 8ft tables!

Let your Designer Go Wild!

Design possibilities of the Modulate system make this a fun display system for any designer. The combination of panel sizes and shapes allow for endless design possibilities. Make each panel an independent design or create a single design that spans all panels. If your design has a wild side, they may even do a combination of both! If you are not currently working with a designer, consider the CID design team. We are experts at trade show graphic design and our product line. After seeing thousands of displays over the years we know what works and what doesn’t.

What are your thoughts on the Modulate Mix and Max System? Do you agree that Modulate Equals Ultimate Exhibiting Versatility? Let us know if the comments below!