Sometimes problems are very complicated, require hours of research, contemplation, and trial and error to find the final solution. Other problems are incredibly easy to solve. However, they appear very complicated on the surface. For example, at your last show, leads, customer interactions, and booth traffic is way down. Is it the economy, show attendance, pre-show marketing, or booth staff training? Maybe, or maybe the solution is right in front of you. Our reptilian, primitive brain is hardwired and sometimes makes us act in ways we can’t explain. This is where BrightLine Light Box Displays come into play. The reason no one stops at your booth is because of your outdated display system.

Like a moth to a flame, our brains are drawn to bright, colorful, and vibrant images. At a trade show you have three seconds to grab someone’s attention. Let’s dive into how BrightLine can make you the star of your show!

The Reason No One Stops at your Booth

Use Basic Psychology to your Advantage

The BrightLine series of display systems uses basic psychology to help improve your trade show experience. Each kit offers dimension, functionality, and vivid colors to appeal to our basic senses. The most important aspect of each kit are the backlit panels. Backlit displays are very well know for their inherent ability to attract attendees and passers by. The combination of backlit display panels and effective graphic design create a backdrop that is hard to pass by. Vivid colors, clear messaging, and calls to action are great ways to improve your graphic design.

Additionally, the unique panel shapes and configurations offer a different look that make you stand out in a good way. For example, BrightLine 10ft Light Box Kit DJD offers a three panel design that has a taller center panel. It offers the perfect combination of symmetry and variation to capture attention. Additionally, the included monitor mount offers another level of functionality. There is a great BrightLine product video to show how these systems work!

Unlimited Options and Variations

BrightLine Banner Stand Light Box Kits B3BrightLine display systems are constructed from a combination of different stock panels. This means you can easily reconfigure our pre-designed kits or create your own! You can make displays under 10ft wide or up to a 30 or 40 foot inline booth. It’s also possible to create island booth configurations. We offer banner stand and kiosk style BrightLine panels that hold monitors and shelves. These are great display additions to any booth space including island booths. Additionally, these are great in lobbies, conference rooms, concert venues, and churches.

The BrightLine Counter is another great way to accentuate any booth space. They work perfectly with BrightLine systems, however they are great to accent any booth style you currently use. The slim profile and functional table top make it a great solution for trade shows. BlightLine frames include built in lights for one of the easiest installation of any backlit display system. Contact us today if you want help setting up a custom designed booth with BrightLine panels. There are no additional charges or custom fees to make your own kit!

Get People To Stop at your Booth

Now the question is, how do I get people to stop at my booth? The first step is getting a backlit display system like the BrightLine in your booth space. The next step is to make sure your trade show strategy is dialed in. Check out our infographics to find out if you are doing everything possible to maximize ROI. Specifically, our infographic on How to Attract Trade Show Attendees is a great resource! At Creative Imaging Displays, we are more than a product supplier. We are a total solutions provider for the complicated world of exhibiting and face to face marketing. Our free resources, friendly staff, and booth design services are just some of the great benefits of working with us. Now that you have figured out The Reason No One Stops at your Booth, do something about it!