There are few elements of trade show exhibiting that get as much negative attention as show site labor. Show labor is expensive, complicated, and inconsistent so frustration is inevitable. However, there are solutions and Creative Imaging Displays is all about finding ways to get the same (or higher) value for a lower cost. Trade Show Install and Dismantle with On Location is one of these solutions. On Location is a nationwide install and dismantle company for trade shows, events, and environments that has been in business for 25 years. Working with Creative Imaging Displays and On Location provides a high value and complete trade show experience. From design, production, and installation, we have you covered! Let’s dive into why On Location is a great alternative to contracted show labor!

Trade Show Install and Dismantle with On Location

How can CID and On Location Help?

Working with experienced teams like CID and On Location you can expect the following benefits:

  • Reduced Union and Convention Center Issues
  • Reduced Stress
  • Reduced Cost
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Peace of Mind

These are great claims, but how can we back this up? The primary way we can back this up is our responsibility to our clients. Most convention centers use contracted union labor. These contracts are decided well in advance of our show and the contract guarantees business for the labor unions. Alternatively, CID and On Location do not have guaranteed contracts. That means we need to execute each job perfectly, every time, to ensure our customers keep coming back. Secondly, our companies are solutions companies. We focus on knowledgeable staff, accountability, and performance to ensure high value for our clients. Additionally, our online reviews and industry reputation illustrate our long term commitment to our clients.

Reasons to Choose On Location

Experience, expertise, efficiency, and reliability are the main reasons to choose On Location. A few details of what to expect with show labor using On Location and CID:

  • Dedicated account executive and account manager for your project
  • Timely and accurate labor estimates
  • Strong team communication to ensure efficiency
  • Pre-show confirmation of your project, needs, and expectations

Real time communication through modern technology keeps the client involved in the process and makes communication simple. Internal company programs document and track your entire install and dismantle project to ensure every detail is covered and all boxes are checked. Additionally, home base cities are located in nearly every trade show hub to ensure availability. Attention to detail and a proven process ensure each job is executed on time and on budget!

Reason to Choose Creative Imaging Displays

Formulate Designer Series 20 foot Kit 7

Creative Imaging Displays has a 15 year history of creating value for exhibitors. Value is created by creating the balance between price and quality. The higher the value the higher the ROI. We create value through efficient business operations internally and with our partners. This means because we work with high quality partners and maintain high quality internal operations day to day, we are able to offer value that is unmatched with other online trade show suppliers. This is why we can offer a simple banner stand and custom displays from design to install, all at great prices with great service.

A great example of our high quality offerings is our line of Formulate Designer Series display kits. These kits are pre-designed with efficiency in mind so its possible to get a custom looking display without the added cost, production time, and custom design time. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of sizes and styles. Formulate displays also use a tubular aluminum frame with pillowcase graphics. However, these simple frames are paired with monitor mounts, counters, and canopies to offer a unique look. Best of all, these displays are easy for your team or On Location to set up and dismantle at each show.

Your Trade Show Install and Dismantle with On Location and CID just made your exhibit life easier. Contact us to get a quote on you next project!