The trade show and event industry has always incorporated the latest and greatest technology to take marketing to new levels. In 2024, the trade show industry is doing just that with digital signage. As everything is moving to self checkout, self-serve kiosks, and AI managed customer service, the event industry is following the same trends. One of the leading manufactures of interactive digital products is Popshap. Creative Imaging Displays just recently added most of the Popshap product line to our site. One unique aspect of the Popshap line up is that all products are rental only. We will cover why later in this post. It’s time to find out why the future of tradeshows is digital signage!

The Future of Tradeshows is Digital Signage

Why use digital signage at trade shows and events?

Digital signage offers endless possibilities for marketing events. The screen can change at any moment, in many cases offering interactive features. Screens are bright, vivid, and naturally draw attention. Interactive displays keep attendees engaged at your booth space. Additionally, it modernizes your booth space and brings your company into the 21st century. If you are a tech company, or work in the tech world in any capacity, digital displays are a must for any marketing event. Interactive kiosks can display your software, video games, renderings, concepts, and videos in ways never before possible at trade shows. Finally, one of the best features is the ability to take pressure off the booth staff. An interactive kiosk allows attendees to interact while waiting to speak with a rep. Or if they only want to stop quickly, they can do that at a kiosk without feeling pressured by a person.

Available options for 2024

Popshap and Creative Imaging Displays offer many great options for 2024. The stand up kiosk and table kiosk are great solutions, but make sure to check out the AI self service kiosk to take pressure off the booth staff. One of the best interactive solutions is the charging kiosk and charging locker. These units allow attendees to charge their devices while at your booth, or lock them up while they browse the show. Additionally, its a perfect tool for pre-show marketing campaigns. Tell attendees to stop by your booth for free charging and get a high turnout! Check out the Popshap Blog for more great info about the product line, strategies, and details.

Logistics of using digital signage

Digital signage creates a handful of logistic considerations that differ from traditional displays. Transporting electronics of any kind usually means the product must ship ground because it contains batteries. Not all electronic displays include batteries so make sure to find out these details prior to purchase. Additionally, shipping damage is possible and could potentially destroy the product. Shipping insurance can help with the financial aspects of this issue, but it won’t help you if a broken display shows up to your show. Renting digital displays can solve many of these issues. Continue reading to find out more!

Why renting digital signage is the best move for most companies

Popshap Interactive Standup Kiosk Rental 49" Double Sided LiveOne of the many questions about digital signage is renting it versus buying it outright. When it comes to a static display backdrop, 9 times out of 10 it makes a lot more sense to buy the display. However, if you are exhibiting one time with a large island, but do not plan on using an island booth again, renting that display is more economical overall. Digital signage is the polar opposite philosophy to traditional displays. Due to many factors, digital signage is much better to rent for most companies. Here are a handful of reason why you would want to rent digital signage:

  • Software and hardware is fully up to date with each rental
  • Zero liability to the customer for damage to and from the show
  • No hassle warranty
  • Each rental includes support from an entire team of specialists
  • We can help with software development
  • No storage or shipping cost, headaches, or damage

Now if you are a company that uses digital signage regularly, has a software development team, and is very familiar with digital signage, it may be a better bet to buy the display outright. We offer purchase options upon request so contact us if this is right for you!

Is digital signage right for you? The Future of Tradeshows is Digital Signage so it’s critical to examine these displays sooner rather than later. If you have any questions please contact us to find out more!