It’s April and outdoor exhibiting is stronger than ever for 2024! The opportunities are endless and exhibiting in the sun is just plain fun! What isn’t fun is extensively researching the best marketing products and best suppliers for those products. If you are reading this post you already found the best supplier in the industry so that job is done! To make your life even easier, we have a list of the Top 5 Outdoor Banner Stands for 2024! Creative Imaging Displays is not just a supplier of custom marketing materials. We are a strategic partner in visual communication which includes posting free resources every week for business owners. Spring is here, get your outdoor products now to get an early start!

Top 5 Outdoor Banner Stands for 2024

Zoom Flex Outdoor Flags

Zoom FLEX flags are a proven outdoor marketing solution. There are 4 different shapes and multiple size options to fit any design aesthetic. Graphics come in single or double sided options. The double sided graphics include a block out liner so each side is opaque. One of the best features of the Zoom FLEX product line is the plethora of base options. These options include the drive over base, heavy duty water base, and indoor steel base. There is a base for every scenario imaginable! Quality fiberglass poles, outdoor grade graphics, and included carrying bag make this outdoor banner stand option a no brainer!

Outdoor Bubble Poster

A modern take on the traditional sidewalk sign is the Outdoor Bubble Poster. This outdoor sidewalk sign is unique due to it’s tubular frame and pillowcase graphic. This is similar to how our Waveline Displays work. Additionally, the fillable base offers an optional graphic wrap so the entire display is branded! The unique styling is just different enough to grab more attention than a traditional A frame board. Easy to change double sided graphics are another great benefit. Additionally, many customers use this banner indoors. The weighted base makes it great for high traffic areas where a customer may accidently bump into it. Unlike standard indoor banner stands, this banner will stay in place!

Wind Dancer Outdoor Flags

Wind Dancer Outdoor FlagsA staple in the outdoor exhibiting industry are portable flags with fillable bases. Another veteran on this list, the Wind Dancer Outdoor Flag, is a favorite amongst exhibitors. There are 3 different models available known as the Mini, LT, and Full Size. The heights vary with 8ft, 13.5ft, and 17ft height options. Single and double sided graphics are available. Each model offers different bases and hardware that is appropriate for their size. An optional carrying bag is available to make transportation and storage simple. These flags are great for large commercial locations, outdoor events, sporting events, concerts, fairs, and car clubs.

Signicade A Frame Board

When it comes to outdoor advertising, there are products that work and need not change. The Signicade A Frame Board is a well know, name brand sidewalk sign that has been around for over a decade. This sign is made from heavy duty plastic with graphic inserts. It is durable in rough weather, sun exposer, and transportation. The frame is available in white, orange, or yellow and graphics can be replaced at any time. It is straight forward and easy for anyone to use making it great for retail applications where multiple staff members will need to set it up. If you are looking for tried and true outdoor sign, make sure to add the Signicade to your lineup!

Thunder Outdoor Retractable

If you need an outdoor sign that is portable, easy to assemble, and compact for storage, the Thunder retractable outdoor banner stand is the perfect solution! The twist out legs and heavy duty base make this banner stand stable in the elements! The center support pole includes a spring which allows the banner to flex in windy conditions. Because its retractable, this stand assembles and disassembles in minutes making it great for situations with a lot of variables. Another added bones is the fact this banner stand works great for indoor applications as well! We highly recommend this banner stand in lieu of a traditional indoor banner stand for any company that offers outdoor products or services. Using an outdoor banner stand indoors, gives your company a rugged look that is perfect for companies like REI or Dicks’s Sporting Goods!

What do you think of the Top 5 Outdoor Banner Stands for 2024? Contact us to talk about any of these products and additional outdoor marketing solutions! Is there another outdoor banner stand you like that is not on this list? Let us know in the comment section below!