Think about every time you have been to a trade show, farmers market, a mall, or walking around a tourist town. There are too many vendors, stores, or businesses to visit so you must limit yourself to a handful. What makes you decide on which businesses to visit? Have you ever thought about it? Maybe you know the company or store and have specific plans to stop by. Maybe you are looking for something specific like an ice cream stand. Or perhaps you are browsing and have no idea what you are looking for. What is it that draws you to a booth, kiosk, or retail store? The answer is visual communication. Signage, staging, lighting, cleanliness, and presentation are critical factors that typically draw in a crowd. Lets dive into why visual communication is essential in 2024!

Why Visual Communication is Essential in 2024

Signage and Graphics Tell a Story

BrightLine Banner Stand Light Box Kits B3Signage for a business is like a uniform to a salesperson. First impressions are essential to set the tone for any interaction. Think about if you show up to a car dealership looking for a new car. There are two salesmen standing there, one is clean cut with a fresh company uniform and he has a smile on his face. The other guy looks irritated to be there, disheveled, with worn out cloths. Who are you going to approach? 99% of the time you will approach the person who looks like they have it together. It’s a psychological response because it creates the impression that the salesperson has it together and cares about their job, which will benefit you. This same psychology goes into visual communication for businesses.

Your signage and graphics tell a story to your customers. Old, outdated, dingy, and fading signage tells your customers that you do not take your business seriously. It creates the impression that you do not maintain your business, that you are not proud of its appearance, or are financially struggling. It’s possible none of those these are actually true, but it is the impression it gives to people. Everything that communicates visually to your clients should look new, fresh, updated, and appealing. This can be your store front sign, trade show displays, menu, brochure, business card, website, or merch. Tell a story to your clients that you are proud of your business and let your visuals communicate the quality and professionalism you offer in the marketplace!

Feelings Do Not Care About Your Facts

A very popular phrase coined in the last decade is “facts do not care about your feelings.” This statement is absolutely true. Your feelings about something do not change the objective facts. However, the inverse is also completely true, especially in the business world. “Feelings do not care about your facts” is essential in marketing campaigns and visual communication. Marketing is about evoking feelings in people that create a positive representation of your product or brand, to help facility a purchase from a consumer. Marketing campaigns can lead someone to “feel” something about a product that is not actually true. Fast food is a perfect example. Fast food marketing is designed to make you feel the food your are getting is fast, cheap, and good quality. As long as you “feel” this way about a brand, it doesn’t matter what the facts are, you are going to buy something.

The best combination in business is when feelings and facts align. Visual communication is what makes this a reality. Use visual communication to make your customers feel your facts. If you are the best mechanic in the area, make your customers feel that by having great visuals, a professional website, and business cards that set you apart. When your customer feels you are the best and your product or service back it up, a lifetime customer is born. This is Why Visual Communication is Essential in 2024!

Solutions to Improve your Visual Communication

Contour Outdoor Sign Detail ImageSo now you understand why visual communication is so important, however you are wondering how to actually make this happen for your business. Creative Imaging Displays can help you in many areas of visual communication! The first recommendation is related to store fronts, commercial locations, and outdoor events. Outdoor banner stands are a great way to draw attention and visually communicate with customers. Consider the Contour Outdoor Sign to offer a slightly different solution to a sidewalk sign. The shape and vibrant graphics are sure to grab attention. Additionally, it’s easy to replace only the graphic to keep your sign looking fresh for a low cost.

The second option is using a light box display at your trade show, event, or commercial location. A backlit display is a perfect way to communicate your excitement and interest in your product or service. BrightLine Banner Stand Light Box Kits offer a backlit panel with either a shelf rack or monitor mount. These are great accents to your existing marketing materials. Not only does it light up, it offers functionality to engage customers and attendees.

Now that you understand Why Visual Communication is Essential in 2024, step up your game! Use this free information to level up your efforts and increase revenue for your business in 2024. Contact us to talk about the great solutions from Creative Imagine Displays to help your business succeed!