The Best 9 Trade Shows for Women EntrepreneursWomen are among the leading entrepreneurs in a number of industries, including fashion, textiles, children’s products, beauty, and natural health. Attending trade shows is an excellent way for female entrepreneurs to introduce their brand to others in their respective industries, make connections, network, and discover vendors. Which may give them what they need to push their business forward. Attending these shows is a must for any woman who is in business for herself.

Here are the top 9 trade shows for women entrepreneurs:

1. Magic

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Magic is the largest fashion trade show in the world. Thousands of vendors and tens of thousands of attendees showcasing the latest fashions make it an absolute must for any woman who has a business in the fashion industry. In addition to the many different fashions attendees will be exposed to, there are also networking events you won’t find at any other trade show. Including seminars on the latest in fashion news, fashion forecasts from the experts, and examples of styles for all seasons.

 2. TexWorld USA

Location: New York, NY

TexWorld is a huge event for people involved in the textile industry. Business owners who buy or sell textiles for manufacturing into clothing, housewares, and other materials all flock to this event. If you are a designer, you will find opportunities to connect directly with the people who manufacture textiles. You can also find buyers for your textiles if you are a manufacturer. This trade show is known for showcasing the most innovative textiles in the world, with amazing material combinations and incredible colors. It is a good place for getting excellent deals on the best materials in the world.

3. Capsule

Location: New York, NY

Capsule is a trade show for both fashion and lifestyle industries. It brings high quality brands from progressive companies together with entrepreneurial designers. It is smaller than most trade shows, giving it an intimate feel. But also allows buyers and vendors to get to know each other on a more personal level. In addition establish close working relationships that benefit both sides of the industry.

4. Agenda

Location: New York, NY and Las Vegas, NV

Agenda is held twice a year, once on the east coast and once on the west. One of the best things about Agenda is that all vendors are treated equally, regardless of their position in the marketplace and their reputation. This makes it easier for new entrepreneurs to approach high end, well known vendors with ease and confidence. It is a perfect place for female entrepreneurs to build their businesses and cultivate strong partnerships that will allow them to bring their business to the next level of success they desire. This is why this trade show attracts participants from all around the world.

5. Indigo

Location: New York, NY

The Indigo Trade Show is made to showcase textiles made in North America. It is held in New York three times a year, usually bringing in around 125 exhibitors and 2,500 attendees. Entrepreneurs come to the show to discover the best materials to get their new collections ready for each new fashion season.

6. CES International

Location: Las Vegas, NV

CES International is a technology trade show where people come who are in the business of consumer technologies. Those with innovative technologies can present them to large crowds of hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people, while those in the market for innovative technologies for their businesses will find plenty to interest them, and to help move their businesses forward in the market.

7. ASD Market Week

Location: Las Vegas, NV

ASD Market Week trade show is held twice a year, and is a consumer goods bonanza. It brings people together who are both selling and buying a wide variety of consumer goods, and those goods are available at all conceivable price levels. The show is so popular that tens of thousands of attendees flock to it each time it opens its doors. It is an excellent place to discover new merchandise to stock, new suppliers, and even new types of products that you may never have thought of selling, but that you know will be perfect for your customers and allow you to expand your business.

8. ABC Kids Expo

Location: Las Vegas, NV

If you are in the kids retail industry, ABC Kids Expo is the trade show you must attend above all others. You will meet international and domestic buyers for your products, get to network with other manufacturers, and gather plenty of orders and business leads while you’re there. You can also strengthen relationships with buyers you already know, while building relationships with new ones.

9. DG Expo

Location: Dallas, TX and New York, NY

Taking place twice a year, once on the east coast and once in the Midwest, DG Expo is a trade show geared toward small companies that are owned by entrepreneurs and just beginning in the business world. The show itself focuses on textiles, and brings manufacturers and buyers together. So whichever one you happen to be, you will find the resources you need to bring your business the attention and relationships it needs to be successful.

The vendors here are wholesalers, so you can buy from them at low prices, which allows you to obtain the things you need to grow your business at prices you can afford, while still making a profit. If you are a beginner in business, this is the trade show that can give you a leg up from being an unknown into the big leagues. Just by meeting the right people, who are all attending this trade show.

If you are a female entrepreneur, attending trade shows or exhibiting your own pop up display is a great way to market and grow your business. Attend the trade shows that are geared toward your industry and use them to your best advantage.