Once again we have expanded our product line of outdoor marketing displays for spring and summer of 2023. We now offer multiple outdoor flooring options! Now its possible to create a complete outdoor marketing booth right down to the floor, all on our website! Additionally, we expanded our offering of outdoor signage to include contour cut signs and a new reception counter. Our goal is to create a one stop shopping experience so you can find all your outdoor marketing materials fast and easy. Outdoor flooring, table throws, tents, signage, banners, flags, counters, and billboards are all available from Creative Imaging Displays! Lets go over our latest round of new product additions to see if they are right for you!

More Outdoor Displays for 2023

Portable Outdoor Flooring for 2023

Designer Carpet Interlocking Tiles - Indoor/Outdoor - InstallationWe are very excited about our new flooring additions that are designed for indoor and outdoor use! Our favorite new addition is the Comfort Turf Interlocking Flooring Tiles. This product uses an AstroTurf top with high density foam backing to create a perfect anti-fatigue floor for outdoor exhibiting. Just like our other popular interlocking tile flooring, this product is cut into 2×2 or 2×4 tiles making it easy to transport and store. Assembly is very easy and takes less than 15 minutes. Often overlooked, a huge benefit of padded flooring in your booth is the comfort it provides to attendees. After walking around all day on concrete, hard pack dirt, or gravel, stepping into a booth with anti-fatigue flooring is a huge relief. Many of these attendees will knowingly or unknowingly spend extra time at your booth because it’s a huge relief on their feet and knees.

Designer Carpet Interlocking Tiles - Indoor/OutdoorIn addition to the Turf tiles, we are now offering Designer Carpet Indoor/Outdoor Tiles. Designer Carpet is available in multiple colors and patterns so its easy to stylize your booth and match it to the overall theme. These tiles include the same compressed foam backer so you receive many of the same benefits, but with the option of a warm, inviting carpeted booth.

Rollable Outdoor Turf

The great turf material used for the interlocking tiles is also available as a roll! Rollable Outdoor Turf is a more affordable way to cover large areas. It is easy to roll out and cover large areas in very little time. This product does not include a foam backer so it lacks some of the benefits of the tiles. However it is less expensive, and easier to install for larger areas. There are many colors to choose from and shipping case options to make it easy to store and transport! This material is stain and UV resistant, but is not intended for permanent or prolonged environmental exposure.

New Outdoor Signage

Contour Outdoor SignNew to our line up is the classic Whirlwind and newly designed Contour outdoor signs. These signs use heavy duty base options which are ideal for outdoor signage. The Whirlwind utilizes a water or sand fill base and standard rectangular graphic, creating a traditional outdoor sign that is effective and durable. Using the idea of the Whirlwind, Orbus designed the Contour Outdoor Sign. The Contour Outdoor Retail Sign uses the same water base as the Whirlwind. Additionally we offer a flat steel base as an alternative. Regardless of the base, the sign is available in 6 contour cut shapes including arrows, waves, a circle, and a bottle. It is a double sided sign and uses Coroplast as the graphic materials.

As an alternative the popular Pop Up Bar, we are now offer the Campaign Reception Counter as an indoor/outdoor display solution. The Campaign comes with a printed header and larger countertop so its perfect for a greeting desk, check in point, or information center. Run electrical to the Campaign and turn it into a charging station! Use more outdoor displays for 2023 to ramp up leads and customers this summer!

Outdoor Table Throws

Most table throws are ok to use outdoor in very mild weather conditions. However they are not suitable and are easily damaged in rough conditions. So we now offer Outdoor Table Throws that are specifically made from canvas with UV inks and are fitted to the table size so it stays put! We currently offer 6 and 8 foot options, but more are on the way!

Thank you for taking the time to read about the new products available from Creative Imaging Displays. Our staff is here to help with any questions on products, logistics, and design questions. Additionally we offer graphic design service for anyone who needs help creating perfect outdoor graphics. Stay tuned for more outdoor displays for 2023 and trade show tips!