For many of us in the United States, the heat has returned and everyone is shifting to the summer mindset. That means store fronts and farmers markets are seeing huge increases in traffic right now! As you are setting up for the outdoor season, you should revisit your marketing strategy to maximize every effort during the summer marketing season. What are you selling? Is your product and service still relevant this year? Is your advertising speaking to your intended target audience? Asking and answering these questions is a great start! To prepare for the season let’s go over 5 advertising strategies for store fronts and farmers’ markets to maximize return!

5 Advertising Strategies for Store Fronts and Farmers Markets

1. Know the Consumer

The University of Nevada in Reno prepared a great market research paper “Marketing Farmers’ Markets: Ideas for Market Vendors & Managers in Nevada”. This marketing analysis goes into demographics of consumers that visited farmers’ markets in Nevada. Although this article is about agriculture in Nevada, the same methodology can be used to apply to any company exhibiting outdoors or at a retail location. They used a survey to gather data on farmers’ market attendees. Once the data was accumulated it was divided into 3 main categories of customers with attributes for each group. Additionally, each group was assigned characteristics and corresponding marketing ideas. There are a few marketing ideas that overlap the groups, making it easier to identify the most important ideas.

Although the University completed a very in depth and wide range study, it is possible to do this on your own by asking questions or offering a free handout if someone completes a survey. The point is: know the consumer and cater your marketing approach to fit the needs of the customer. Regularly conduct market research to find out if the current data is still relevant!

2. Incentivize Interaction in your Store or Booth Space

One of the most common and most effective marketing strategies is incentivizing interaction with clients. When it comes to farmers’ markets and store fronts, this strategy really works. Use free, branded merch to incentivize consumers to your area for a potential sale. Also, offer higher value items for free giveaways in exchange for a completed survey and/or contact info. Additionally, try organizing an event to drive attendees into your space. It could be a product presentation, music performance, skit, or any number of activities that appeal to your client base. Food samples and beverage tastings are fantastic ways to attract traffic. In the summer especially, offer free water for everyone at the show! You will be the talk of the event with constant traffic!

3. Effective Signage

Zoom 10 Foot Event TentWhat is the point of marketing if no one can find you? Signage not only guides clients, but it creates brand recognition over time. A great solution for both store fronts and farmers markets is the Ace-1 Outdoor Sign. This is a standard A-frame sign, but it offers a dry erase screen that allows for daily message customization. This is perfect because the digitally printed graphic uses company branding that works for all events, with the ability to customize event specific messaging.

Additionally, the outdoor portable pop up bar works as a sign and a functional marketing tool. Display your branding on the large printed graphic and use the bar to hand out fliers, check in visitors, or offer samples! It’s easy to roll around and use inside or outside! The most effective marketing tool for outdoor events is the portable outdoor canopy. It offers shelter, a defined space, and relief from the elements all while displaying your branding to the entire event. The multiple functions and versatility of these tents makes them a must have for all exhibitors!

4. The 6 P’s of Retail Marketing

Using the six P’s of retail marketing is very helpful when advertising a store front or farmers, market. The six P’s of retail marketing are:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • People
  • Presentation

This often simple step is overlooked or forgotten when preparing for events. The standard 4 P’s of marketing are usually day 1 of marketing 101, not because it’s easy rather because it is so critical to the structure of any marketing campaign. Do not forget this step and add in data gathered from the 6 P’s to round out your advertising approach.

5. Dial in your Online Presence

Wait a second, why is online presence a strategy for in person outdoor advertising? Well, even when marketing outdoors and in-person, a web presence is the most important element to any business in 2023. Even if you are directly selling a product at the farmers’ market, you could be selling more if the customer had the option to order online. Maybe they can’t make it one weekend, or it’s winter and there is no farmers’ market in the area, business can still happen. A lacking or non-existent online presence can limit your business significantly. Look over your current website and make sure all contact info, photos, pricing, and details are up to date. Make sure you have an ecommerce element to your site! If you have an outdated site or do not have a site, use a website builder like Shopify to get started fast and easy!

Thank you for checking out the 5 Advertising Strategies for Store Fronts and Farmers’ Markets! Which strategy is the most helpful? Which works best for you at shows? Do you have any additional strategies to add to this list? Let us know if the comments below! Make sure to check out Creative Imaging Displays for a full selection of indoor and outdoor portable trade show booths and marketing products!