As we continue to take a look behind the scenes of the trade show industry, let’s take a step back and look at the nuts and bolts of what makes it work. In this post we are going to answer the question: How are Custom Displays Made? If you are in the custom display market, make sure to read this post in depth while you are searching for the perfect custom display builder. If you are unfamiliar with the custom display process, think about the custom home building process as a reference.

Ask yourself, are you looking for a display that essentially looks like all the others, with slight modifications to make it your own? Or are you looking for a unique, one of a kind custom booth that is perfectly tailored to your company? Just like in the home building world, the custom display is going to cost more, take longer to build, and require teamwork between the builder, project coordinator, and customer. However, it has the ability to set your company apart from all others. Let’s dive into the process to understand how we build our custom trade show booths!

How are Custom Displays Made?

Step 1: Custom Booth Design Process

The first step in building a custom booth is working with a design team to develop the perfect concept for your custom exhibit. Check out our previous post “Start your custom trade show booth now” to find out more about finding the right supplier in the industry. However, to quickly summarize, you are in the right place and already found the perfect design team with Creative Imaging Displays!

There are two ways to start the custom booth design process:

  • Use a client created concept and bring it to life
  • Use one of our concept renderings and modify to your specifications

Client Concept from Scratch

Do you have a concept in mind for your custom trade show display? We take something as simple as a rough sketch and bring it to life! Additionally, our experienced team makes recommendations to ensure efficiency and functionality throughout the process. After the initial conversation, we work on a custom 3D rendering to represent your concept. At this point we work together to modify the rendering until every detail is just right. Additionally, we render the booth with graphics so you can see exactly what it will look like!

Modified Stock Concept

Secondly, we offer an approach that makes the process simple for clients without a design in mind. Browse our selection of custom trade show displays to find concept renderings with price points. This will help you find a design and budget that works for you! Each booth is custom built to order so we can modify all existing renderings upon request. Additionally, if you find a design you like as is, we can start the build process immediately!

Step 2: The Build Out

After the design is approved, our team custom builds your booth right here in the USA! We work with custom exhibit builders out of Portland, OR, Woodridge, IL, and Sarasota, FL. Depending on your location and design preference, we pair you with the builder that is best for your project. Once the build process starts, we work with you to nail down every minor detail. Additionally, we make suggestions along the way to make sure the build out is perfect. We also send photos along the way so you can see the build process and sleep better knowing it’s moving along. Finally, we offer one of the most unique experiences in the industry. We offer an in progress meeting, in person, at the manufacturing facility. Depending on the scope of the project, we will pay to fly you into the facility to look at it in person!

Step 3: Final Approval, Shipping, and Install

Custom Displays ecoSmart-4094 Backlit 20x20 Sustainable Island DisplayThe final stage of the process includes the final approval of the booth. As stated before, we also offer an in person final approval meeting once the booth is complete and assembled in the factory. You can review every detail in person to make sure it is exactly to your liking. Additionally, we can complete this process with photos, videos, and/or zoom calls. Once the booth is approved, it is custom crated and shipped to your location or direct to show.

We only work with the best custom booth builders in the industry, so event contractors are familiar with our custom displays. Creative Imaging Displays also makes recommendations on the best show contactors to use with our custom displays. We supply in depth instructions so the event site or the customer is capable of assembling the booth correctly and efficiently. Finally, we make ourselves available on your show set up day. You never know if there will be an assembly question or last minute detail to discuss, so if you let us know your show setup day and time, we provide a personal cell phone number to your project coordinator who will be available the entire time.

Are you ready to take the next step? Contact us today to get in touch with our custom trade show booth project manager! We are ready to bring your custom trade show display to life!