At the next trade show you attend, take a good look around the booths and see just how much digital signage is being regularly used. The amount of electronic screens will astound you! Digital signage has become a regular and inescapable feature of trade show and convention displays, meeting rooms, conferences and more. This is primarily due to technological advancements in flat-panel displays. Today’s leading edge models are lighter in weight and less costly than in years past. Plus, they are also more durable for 3- and 4-day conferences, making them easier to operate and maintain by booth staff.

How to Use Digital Signage Effectively at Your Next Trade Show

Digital Signage is Becoming Essential

Digital signage is becoming an essential consideration for nearly every booth. Large, bright, colorful and dynamic digital displays can grab attention from across the trade show floor, and digital speaks to the modern trade show landscape. After all, it’s likely that 99% of all show attendees carry one or more digital devices around the trade show floor. Unlike traditional static signs, digital signage allows you to program virtually any type of visual content onto a screen. You can use your integrated tools to set up simple static images and messages to videos, slide shows, animations, and more.

Ciera Mobile TV StandsTake your existing materials and incorporate some or all of these into digital formats to be displayed on the LED screens at your booth. This gives customers a very different experience at your trade show booth. This changing array of messages will grab the attention of trade show attendees passing by your display. Who benefits from digital signage, and how can you use digital signage in your display to get the maximum benefit? Here are key factors that will help you plan your digital display to achieve the best effect.

Content is King

Before investing in large flat-panel LED screens for your booth, plan well for the types of content and digital displays that will serve your purpose. High quality designs will likely be noticed and remembered, and in a multi-day trade show, busy aggressive signs may get tuned out. Cost may play a factor. While the display screens can be programmed with nearly any type of visual content, making expensive glossy videos to use as content may tax your trade show budget. Your ability to leverage content from already existing material is your key to digital screen success at a trade show. Focus your energy and budget on producing interesting and memorable content.

Size Matters!

The specific size and arrangement of your displays will depend on your budget and the image you want to project. Flat-panel LED displays are getting cheaper by the year, and ever-thinner bezeled screens are now the hottest trend in digital screens. Your screen should be as large as the environment demands. The larger the screen, the more visibility you’ll have. Some companies succeed with smaller screens. Maybe your budget won’t allow for one massive screen. Instead, opt for a series of smaller ones to showcase your products and attract potential customers. To help manage questions and face-to-face time with customers, provide one screen devoted to frequently asked questions about your products.


Digital and Interactive DisplaysTouch-screen displays keep visitors engaged and interested. These displays provide an interactive tour of products and demonstrations. Or they can incorporate a game or a quiz leading to a prize. The key here is that touch screens keep potential customers around your booth and escalate chances of sales. The great advantage of digital signage is the ability to add, adjust, and change content nearly at will. Take advantage of this capability by altering your presentation and content. That will help visitors to look your way each day! For example, the Makitso Blade Interactive Kiosk. This versatile kiosk is perfect for trade shows, showrooms, and retail spaces! Additionally, it perfect for exhibits and museums!

Creative Imaging Displays offers a full range of products and services for the creative trade show booth and understands how important digital signage is becoming in the trade show world. We can help you design and create trade show displays that allow you to incorporate your digital displays easily and safely, with a variety of LED panel-friendly walls and frames.