This summer we took a tour behind the scenes of the trade show industry. We covered many topics including Made in the USA, custom capabilities, and eco-friendly trade show displays. However, now it’s time to learn the truth about the trade show industry. I have been in the trade show industry for 16 years and now, I am finally ready to reveal all the things the experts don’t want you to know! These secrets will blow the lid off the events industry! From this day forward things will never be the same. It’s time. Revealed: What Trade Show Experts Aren’t Telling You.

Revealed: What Trade Show Experts Aren't Telling You

1. We Genuinely Want Success for your Business

Yes, the title is a bit of click bait. This article is not about trade secrets, strategies, or company drama. However, I will shed some light on the mentality of our industry and the mindset of those in it. This might shock you, but the majority of trade show producers, manufacturers, and distributors genuinely want your business to be successful. It is true that your success in trade shows will bolster the industry, however, for the industry to be truly sustainable, it’s essential that the trade show industry produces real value for exhibitors. How do we make that happen? When it comes to trade show displays, we listen to our customers. We listen when you say the display takes to long or is too hard to assemble. We listen when you have ideas for new display designs. Our supply chain is designed to incorporate new ideas and modifications to our product lines and manufacturing processes.

In general, our industry’s focus is to create an environment for businesses to focus on mutually beneficial business relationships. At a trade show, it takes a great deal of energy to prepare and execute the task of being an exhibitor. Spending excessive amounts of time on developing your booth, coordinating delivery with the show, graphic design, and logistics will take away resources from the main objective of your trade show. However, all of these things need to happen to create a landscape where a successful event can take place. That is why Creative Imaging Displays and other leaders in our industry work everyday to take as much of this burden away from you as possible!

2. There is No Replacement for Face to Face Events

Why did the COVID lockdowns fail to destroy the trade show industry? Because Zoom is no replacement for face to face meetings. The experts in the industry understand this fact which is why we continue to invest and progress the industry forward. Most business arrangements are based on trust, even with legal contracts involved. No one enters into a business arrangement because they find it inevitable that the deal with fail, leaving legal action as the last resort. Businesses enter into contracts based on trust that you will fulfill the contract as specified. The two best ways to predict the trust of a business arrangement are past behaviors and face to face interaction. Moreover, business arrangements are relationships and it’s no fun to be in a relationship that is one sided. Meeting face to face at events like trade shows is the perfect place to determine if a particular business is the right fit for your company.

Face to face interactions like trade shows are great places to gather and meet everyone in your industry. Exhibitor LIVE is the trade show event for the trade show industry. Yes, trade show companies do trade shows themselves! This event is great to meet your competitors, suppliers, manufacturers, and out of state colleagues. It is also a chance to see products in action, in person, all in one spot. What the experts are not telling you is that we love trade shows, maybe even more than you do, and we know they work because we are exhibitors ourselves!

3. We Care About Your Company’s Image

Infinity DNA Pro Lightbox Displays Custom 2Believe it or not, we don’t just want to sell you a product and be on your way. Your image on the show floor represents your company and ours. Creative Imaging Displays and other quality trade show suppliers are committed to making sure your graphic and display systems represent your brand professionally. We make this happen by using the latest in printing and graphic substraight technology to make sure your graphics are more vibrant than the majority of other exhibitors. Our graphics departments go above and beyond to ensure your file is printed correctly and without mistakes. Things like Pantone color matching, printed proofs, e-proofs, and human file review ensure a smooth printing process. Additionally, we offer product lines like the Infiniti DNA Pro Backlit Displays to provide the most modern, effective means to advertise your trade show booth! We refuse to carry any display system we would not use ourselves.

There you have it! Revealed: What Trade Show Experts Aren’t Telling You. All of the industry secrets are out! The truth is, the trade show industry is one of the few industries that is not completely controlled by publicly traded corporations, so free market competition still exists in this industry. That means we all compete with each other everyday to give our customers the best possible experience. We are not motivated by the board of directors or shareholder profits. We are motived by offering the best products and service in the industry to earn your business! Stay tuned to find out more secrets the experts don’t want you to know!