Every company aims to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) and trade show events are no different. Our info-graphic, After the Trade Show, outlines the best techniques to remember when following up with potential clients once the trade show has ended. This is vitally important because your company wants to insure that potential clients remember your company. Attendees see and talk to a variety of people at trade show events and your company is the one that should stand out. Following up after the trade show is one of the key areas to insure successful lead generation. Many companies spend a lot of time and money to make sure the trade show they attended was successful and following up with leads will help ensure all that time wasn’t in vain.

After the Trade Show

In our earlier post we discussed how to give a great elevator pitch. We have followed up on this topic with a breakdown to help attendees maximize their leads at any marketing event! These stats are based on research and can aid exhibitors when planning trade shows. Following up after the event can be one of the most valuable parts of a show. It’s critical to remind visitors of your company to insure potential clients remember and acknowledge your company. The info-graphic below offers stats to help exhibitors with developing plans of action to follow up once the trade show has ended.

Increase ROI

After the show follow up can lead to improved ROI for any event investment. We have developed this guide to help all trade show attendees develop a plan to keep trade show exhibiting profitable year after year. Although these stats are not exact throughout every industry, they can provide guidelines to help guide exhibitors in the right direction. One very important point many exhibitors forget is archiving show information. This can lead to better shows in the future and also give any company an edge at future trade shows! Use a notebook to take notes throughout the show so highly detailed information is captured in real time. Additionally, a digital notebook is another great option! Digitize this information in a word document or take photos of your notes. Refer back to this information to build an archive of great data!

Information is the Key

Following up after the show is a critical step in maximizing your return from any trade show or marketing event. Use this info graphic along with our other infographic sources to help your company maximize ROI at every show! Creative Imaging Displays is committed to providing the latest in display options for our clients along with the information and data exhibitors needs to make their show a success! Our infographic line up is designed to help first time exhibitors gain knowledge of the industry in order to make their first show a success. The key to success in 2023 are backlit trade show displays. They capture attention unlike any other display system to bring in the most attendees! Keep an eye on our blog for new and informative info-graphics!