Does your business like to send its employees to trade shows or be a part of them? If you only visit trade shows in your general area you might be curious what trade shows are like outside of your city.
For those in the know, traveling out of your way to visit certain trade shows and expos nationwide gives your company visibility to new people and usually a nice bump in your leads and profits. Across the nation, plenty of amazing, highly-rated trade shows and conventions cater to different business niches. These conventions bring out very interested, motivated potential clients that excite the team back at HQ. Let’s find out the best cities for hosting a trade show through this great infographic!

The Best Cities For Hosting A Trade Show

The Best Cities For Hosting A Trade Show - InfographicIn addition, a handful of cities have figured out the magical formula when it comes to hosting these networking and educational events successfully. Cities like Las Vegas, Orlando and Chicago have diverse populations, often stunning hotel accommodations, and great facilities to entertain convention guests while they are in town making them some of the best cities for hosting a trade show. Using these cities when it comes to trade shows can end up paying huge dividends, so let’s see what’s on the map.

Our Service Area

Now that you know the best cities for hosting a trade show, it’s critical to find a great trade show supplier for all your shows. Creative Imaging Displays utilizes our massive network of warehouses, print houses, custom builders, and transportation providers to supply the entire world with trade show products. We specialize specifically in the United States and Canada. Trade shows located in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Nashville are just a small sample of the trade shows we supply to every year.

Regardless if your trade show is in Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, or Texas, we have warehouses throughout the United States! This means we have the ability to deliver to most convention centers in 1-2 days if they are located near one of our warehouses!

Creative Imaging Displays works with manufacturers across the country giving us a unique ability to deliver quality products to your trade show quickly, regardless of the location. We can help with trade show graphic design, trade show flooring, tv stands, multimedia displays and many other services to make your trade show successful! Our logistics team knows how to deliver your products on time to the right location so your trade show is a success!