Social media for trade show marketing is a hot new trend in trade shows. Here are a few tips to help you make it work for you. It’s time to find out 5 Ways to Use Social Media for Trade Show Marketing!

Social media marketing is hot, and trade show exhibitors are starting to catch on as well. Since a lot of people admit to spending several hours a week (minimum!) on Facebook, X (Twitter), and other social networking sites, these sites make a perfect place where you can reach your target market with a minimum of fuss — and a maximum of results. Social networking sites make it easy to follow or “like” a business’s page in order to see recent updates on friends’ and fan pages. Even blog platforms such as Blogger have a “Follow” feature now, which allows users to see their favorite blogs’ most recent posts, making it easier than ever for you to reach your readers.

5 Ways to Use Social Media for Trade Show Marketing

Market with Social Media

Market your X (Twitter), Facebook, and other social media pages at your booth. Don’t pass up the opportunity to add attendees to your friends list! Many exhibitors like to have a ledger or opt-in list at their booth, where attendees can write down their name, address, and email address; just leave a spot for a social networking handle as well. Be sure to also put the URL or handle for your page on your brochures, business cards, and other marketing materials you give away at the show.

Blaze Hanging Light Box 8ft x 3ftOffer a free electronic giveaway for those who sign up to follow your blog or social networking page. Facebook, X (Twitter), Blogger, and similar sites allow fans of your page to follow it by clicking “like” or “follow.” Once they have done so, they will see your updates on their news feed, or in the case of Blogger, on their dashboard. Since this makes it easier for you to reach potential customers, announcing that you are giving away a free download on your page, such as an ebook, can ensure that more attendees visit your site after the show and sign up.

Live Updates

Post live updates during a trade show on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog. Your social media page is a great place to get friends and followers pumped up about the show! Posting updates throughout the day lets fans know what’s going on at the show, even if they couldn’t make it, and may even convince someone to stop by after all. Post photos of your large format printing materials for all to see, as well as pictures or videos

Use your Facebook or Twitter page to update friends or followers on upcoming events and shows. Existing fans will appreciate a heads up about upcoming shows, other events, and industry news. Use your Facebook or Twitter page to let potential attendees know when shows will be, where your booth is, and whether you are offering any giveaways throughout the day. Make visiting your booth at the next show sound as tempting as possible!

Create a Dialogue

Use your Facebook or X (Twitter) page to open a dialogue about the show after it’s over. One of the best things about Facebook, Twitter, and other social media is that it provides a forum for genuine dialogue between you and your customers. Ask attendees for feedback after a show: what they did or didn’t like, what they found most or least interesting, favorite booths, favorite giveaways, and so on. Use social media marketing to continue conversations that were started at the show, and ultimately turn more attendees and their companies into customers.

Social media offers a lot of marketing opportunities for trade show exhibitors, before, during, and after the show. How else have you utilized social media at or in connection with trade shows, in order to help promote your company? Have you used these 5 Ways to Use Social Media for Trade Show Marketing in the past?