How has technology helped enhance YOUR trade show experience? The answer might surprise you… Read this throwback post from 2011 and let us know in the comments about new Technological Advancements at Trade Shows!

You may be going to a technology trade show, but have you ever stopped to think about how technology has made your trade show experience even better? No matter who you are, technology has made an impact in how you experience trade shows, and it goes beyond fancy pop up displays. Here are a few examples.

Technological Advancements at Trade Shows

Trade Show Organizer

If you are organizing technological trade shows, then you probably already know several of the ways in which technology helps you out. For starters, there are lots of software and online tools available to organizers, such as scheduling tools, registration tools, etc. Computers do so much of the work with scheduling, accepting payments, and registering exhibitors that the organizer’s job is much easier now than it used to be. Even communicating updates and sending out reminders to exhibitors can be done much easier now, using automated emails and social media.

Trade Show Exhibitors

Exhibitors may benefit the most from the technological advancements that have been made. For instance, they can:

  • Search for trade shows using the Internet
  • Register for shows online
  • Use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogs to market upcoming shows and follow up on leads after a show
  • Manage lead information

Social media marketing has especially taken off as a way to market trade shows and cultivate leads. Facebook, Twitter, and blogs provide a great way to reach potential customers and let them know about upcoming shows and events, not to mention an excellent way to do something with the contacts you make at a show. By collecting email addresses and/or social networking handles, you gain a way to reach potential customers that is much more effective than the traditional methods. After all, social networking is something that people do a lot of: Most people spend several hours per week, if not per day, checking Twitter and Facebook and reading blogs.

Social media marketing isn’t the only technology that exhibitors have benefited from, though. The scheduling and registration tools that organizers use also help by making it easier for you to find and sign up for shows. In addition, you can get software that will help you manage and track the leads you gain at a show.

Trade Show Attendees

Last but not least, attendees enjoy many benefits from technological advancements in the trade show tools available. Not only is it easier than ever to locate and register for trade shows using the Internet, for attendees as well as for exhibitors, but it’s also easier to find your way around with the event guides for cell phones and tablets that some organizers are providing. Email and social media reminders and updates also apply to attendees as well as exhibitors.

The Future of Trade Shows

Believe it or not, someday trade shows may take place on the Internet, just like shopping, dating, and scores of other things that were once exclusively part of the physical world. Some online trade shows are already taking place, which reduces the cost to everyone involved. Organizers can run a less expensive show, while exhibitors and attendees can avoid travel costs, among other expenses associated with going to a trade show. Since the economy has caused a decline in the number of people attending these shows, and with the rising cost of gas and other travel expenses, we can see online events becoming more popular someday. For now, though, the physical experience of going to a trade show offers a lot more than an online event!

How has technology enhances your trade show experience? What technology do you see emerging in years to come?