When shopping for trade show products, flooring is often one of the most overlooked items. After the first day of the show it becomes apparent that some padded flooring would be a great addition to the booth space. Unfortunately with tight budgets and timelines it can be a hassle to find quality flooring within budget. Most exhibitors don’t realize that there are many flooring solutions available for very affordable prices. The most popular flooring option is interlocking tiles that assemble quickly and have built-in anti fatigue padding. Benefits of trade show flooring include portability, anti-fatigue padding, and cohesive booth design.

There are even multiple colors to choose from to fit the theme of the booth. Trade show flooring is unique because it is designed to be highly portable and durable. Creative Imaging Displays only offers name brand flooring from K&S to insure maximum quality and durability. K&S is a manufacturer and does not sell to end users so Creative Imaging Displays brings these products to any company at near manufacturer direct pricing.

Benefits of Trade Show Flooring

So Many Options!

There are more options available including hardwood, vinyl, carpet, and printed flooring that will fit any companies needs for a trade show. These flooring options are also great for any portable event or activity that require high quality flooring that is portable. Most of the flooring options are made from recyclable materials or are recyclable which makes them an eco-friendly and sustainable option.

A newer addition to our line up is portable turf flooring. We offer Comfort Turf Rollable and Comfort Turf Interlocking. Both products are available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit any space. Turf is ideal for trade shows, retail location, commercial buildings, sporting events, and concerts. Purchase white color turf to simulate snow during the holiday season!

Do not overlook flooring!

Flooring is often overlooked because it is a low priority for a trade show. Pre-show marketing, booking the event, and find a display are hard enough, so flooring usually gets thrown on the bottom of the list as a side note. Flooring should be thought of as part of the entire booth configuration. Low quality or mismatched flooring can make a stunning display look very unappealing, effectively reducing the impact of the display. If a display is matched with the right type of flooring it can create an inviting space that will attract customers and promote professionalism. Make sure to remember the benefits of trade show flooring to maximize ROI at your next trade show!