The Silver Step banner stand is one of the most established and well know trade show products on the market. The Silver Step has been around for years and has earned a reputation for durability and reliability. Its so popular because its a quality product that looks great and is available in multiple sizes. Graphics can easily be removed making it ideal for companies that need to change their message from event to event. The Silver Step has a lifetime warranty and a price point below comparable products. All graphics are printed on a curl resistant block out vinyl. Our Silver Step Banner Stand product review will go in depth to showcase all the great features!

Silver Step Banner Stand Product Review

High Value Features

SilverStep 48" Banner StandsThe picture above showcases the style of Silver Step banner stands. The powder coated finish is durable and available in silver or black. Black stands are only available in the 24″ or 36″ wide models. Chrome end caps are included to protect internal components and add style to the stand. Hardware carries a lifetime warranty so if a defect ever occurs it’s covered by the manufacturer. The graphic includes a 1 year warranty against printing and material defects.

The best feature of the Silver Step is the Velcro top and bottom Velcro attachments making it very easy to change the graphic. This is a much better system than other banners that require double sided tape and/or tricky rails to replace graphics. The graphic height is adjustable between 69″ and 92″ making it very easy to take the Silver Step to different events. Although the Velcro top bar is a great option, we highly recommend and include the clamp bar for long term durability. If you would like the Velcro bar please send a special request!

Quality Accessories

The Silver Step comes with a very high quality carrying bag that is reinforced for superior strength and durability. Most banner stands come with a flimsy bag that does not protect the banner during shipping but the Silver Step includes a very good quality case that adds even more value to the banner. All our Silver Steps are produced within 3 business days so its very easy to get one made on a tight time line. If you are looking for a hard case, we recommend the OCE expandable hard case that will work with the smallest (24″) largest (60″) banner stand we offer.

To illuminate your banner stand, we offer LED clamp lights that are bright and affordable. The clamp light mounts to the support pole of the banner stand. Please note, the 24″ and 36″ wide versions include 1 support pole while the 48″ and 60″ version use 2 support poles. We recommend 1 light for stands with 1 support pole and 2 lights for stands with 2 poles.

Table Top Options!

SilverStep Tabletop Banner StandsThe Silver Step Banner Stand is so versatile it works great as a table top banner stand! It is possible to use the same hardware for both the full height and shorter height. The primary difference in the table top version is the removal of a couple sections of the support pole. Additionally, it’s important to consider the graphic design if using the banner at a shorter height. Most likely a new graphic would be appropriate so it works within the proportions. A great trick is to design the banner stand from the beginning with the idea is might get used on a table top. Design the graphic so it looks good at full height or reduced height!

Let us know in the comments what you think about the Silver Step banner stand product review. Are you a long time user of this banner stand? If so please leave feedback with your experience with this product.