Interactive displays are now a vital part of the success of trade show exhibitors. Hanging banners and static displays just aren’t cutting it anymore. More exhibitors are hanging large-scale commercial signage monitors in their booths, and running the latest A/V content for their customers and prospects. Digital signage and interactive screens can be terrific magnets that attract visitors during a conference or event. That is why Interactive Displays are a must for trade shows!

In addition, trade show exhibitors are also using a mix of online and offline elements, including smartphone apps, geo-location services, social media interactivity, and more to connect their presence at a trade show with interested attendees and visitors. These interactive elements help connect with trade show attendees before, during, and after the event.

Let’s look at the types of interactive elements that might fit best for your trade show audience.

Why Interactive Displays Are a Must for Trade Shows

Types of Interactivity

The types of interactive elements appropriate for your trade show activity depend upon your chosen industry. Your goal for the trade show can spotlight the product or service that you supply. For example, if you sell food consumables, you may want to hand out free samples. Visitors can explore the taste and make a quick decision. That’s a low-tech form of show interactivity. However, it’s also one of the key ways to sway a buyer at a food trade show.

Conversely, if your industry is connected with mobile phone technology, your trade show display at an event like the upcoming Super Mobility Week will lean more heavily toward smartphone apps and web connectivity elements in the booth. The level of interactivity that your company is hoping to achieve should be connected with your level of customer and prospects. For instance, if you’re displaying farm machinery and equipment for modern farms, your trade show display will likely include a level of technology engagement via tablets and phones that make sense to your customers.

Here are some components of trade show interactivity that you might want to consider for your business.


More companies are choosing to stream their trade show booth proceedings over the course of a trade show. Using a webcasting service for a trade show can engage customers and prospects. Especially those who can’t travel to the show. A webcasting service can allow your team to “star” in its own trade show display production. They can stream video from the exhibit hall and activities around your booth to a dedicated channel on YouTube or your own website. A webcast is perfect for showing product demonstrations, interviews with company executives or industry leaders, and fun activities with visitors to your trade show booth.

Interactive Touch Screens

Infinity DNA Pro Lightbox Displays Custom 2A simple, yet fun way to get potential customers into your booth is to provide them with interactive touch screens. That could mean phones, tablets, or even TVs. With that technology, you can create a tailored interface that visually showcases everything your company has to offer without drowning potential customers in endless content. Don’t underestimate the thrill that an adult will experience while interacting with something that seems to be aimed at youth. The inner-child in them will likely take over and explore the virtual world you created.

Group Demonstrations

Allowing groups of visitors to get a hands-on experience will ultimately make them more comfortable with your product. It is recommended that you announce specific times during the day that you will conduct the product demonstrations so you are able to build up anticipation and your prospects will be able to plan ahead. It is also recommended that you use a seasoned salesperson with an outgoing, fun attitude. Not only to put potential customers at ease, but earn their trust and get them to believe in your products.


The goal here isn’t for you to create an unbeatable, carnival-style game or a game so simple a baby could win at it. You want your booth’s visitors to be challenged but to ultimately find success. You want your game to tie in your business. An easy way to do that is to involve your social media platforms. Make the players visit your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram channels to advance in the game. Give them trivia that relates to your industry or send them on a scavenger hunt. They will return to your booth later to redeem a prize! There are dozens of simple games to set up that will draw plenty of positive attention to your booth.

Large-Scale Video

One of the biggest trends in trade show displays is the use of a video wall to seamlessly display large-scale presentations. Companies are pushing their content built for the show onto the video walls and making a lasting impression with booth visitors.

Lead Retrieval Systems

Another great way to build up the level of interactivity at your trade show is to use an automated lead retrieval system. These devices can normally be rented from the show organizer. The cost for a 3-day show will be anywhere from $250-$350 for the rental. Or your company can decide to purchase your own lead retrieval device ahead of time. These tools allow your trade show booth team to scan the attendees’ badge instead of just getting a business card for follow-up. There is a great deal of encoded information on attendee badges, like titles, interest in specific products and services, and levels of budget authority. Having this information in your database from an attendee badge scan can be a great opportunity to follow up with a sensible marketing pitch a few weeks after the show.

Go Wild and Have Fun!

Sometimes the most bizarre ideas are the ones that people remember the most. Whether you have a piano that plays as you step on it, or you have an interactive light show, people will be drawn to your booth. You must remember that half the battle is piquing people’s interest, so being creative is a great way to get people talking and asking about your company.

Don’t be afraid to be bold and outstanding; if necessary, go “over the top.” The old saying is that all publicity is good publicity, so think big. Make your trade show booth the one that stands out from the crowd.

Remember that, in your particular industry, almost all of the other booths will be your competitors! You need to make absolutely certain that the booth that visitors remember after they have left is yours.
For more creative ideas for your next booth display, consider contacting Creative Imaging Displays, a specialist business dedicated to helping your company win big at your next trade show.