You may be a new business owner or an established business looking to increase your customer base. Either way, you have determined exhibiting is a potential option for increasing sales. However, exhibiting is far more complicated than it seems. Determining the correct venue, budget, marketing products, and sales approach are just a few of new skills you must acquire to exhibit successfully. If you are someone just starting out and confused on where to start, this blog post is for you! Here are 3 easy tips for first time exhibitors to get you on the right track!

3 Easy Tips for First Time Exhibitors

Get Some Experience

One mistake made by many first time exhibitors is jumping into the big shows with little or no experience. Each individual and business has their own flavor of exhibiting. There are many guidelines for success at trade shows, but they are not an exact formula. This means you need to find your own methods of success that work for you as an individual and your particular business. A great recommendation is to start at some low key, low cost local shows. This may look like a farmers market, co-op, local fair, or social event.

These events are great ways to get a feel for exhibiting with minimal cost and overhead. The pressure is low so its much easier to be your authentic self while experimenting with marketing strategies. Once you find your niche, jump into the bigger shows with experience and a plan to make an impact. Another free way to gain experience is working a booth with another company, friend, or organization. Many religious, social, and non-profit groups exhibit regularly. Volunteering to man a booth is a great way to see how events and trade shows work, with zero cash investment, while helping your community!

Utilize Free Resources from Industry Experts

A little insider tip, most trade show experts write blogs, make videos, offer free advice, and discuss how to exhibit successfully, FOR FREE! A perfect example is the Creative Imaging Displays Blog. We spend hours each week creating valuable, free content to help exhibitors become successful. Many other companies do the same thing. Dive into these resources and topics so you do not reinvent the wheel! A few examples of great industry expert blogs are:

Another great resource is infographics. We have an infographic on trade show booth etiquette that is very helpful if you are a first time exhibitor or a long time exhibitor. Check out every free resource you can to get a wide variety of opinions to start formulating your trade show strategy.

Low Cost yet Effective Marketing Products

Formulate Essential BackwallsThe third tip we will share with you today is how to find low cost marketing products that are effective. A tried and true marketing product that works is a trade show giveaway. However, the key is choosing the right giveaway. Who is your target audience? What are their typical patterns? Choose a giveaway they will likely use daily and will save them money. For example, if you are marketing to business owners that use their computers constantly, a high quality mouse pad, pen, or sticky notes would be a great way for these customers to see your companies name everyday. If you market to businesses that are on site like construction workers, you can offer worksite gloves, beanies, or safety vests that will most likely be used regularly.

When it comes to exhibiting products, there are three must haves for every exhibitor. A graphic backwall for indoor use, a graphic canopy tent for outdoor use, and a branded table throw. These three low cost items will work in every scenario for a first time exhibitor. With recent advances in technology, these products are less expensive, higher quality, and attainable for most business owners. For the backdrop, we recommend the Formulate Essential Fabric Displays as a great entry level option. For the table throw, check out premium dye sub table throws to get the best bang for your buck. Additionally, the Zoom 10 foot outdoor event tent is perfect for outdoor use.

Did you find 3 Easy Tips for First Time Exhibitors valuable? Do you have any tips for first time exhibitors? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!