A great tagline for custom exhibits, homes, and vehicles is “if you can dream it, we can build it.” Although that is essentially true, cost and manufacturing capabilities do limit the possibilities to a degree. If I dream of a custom booth with 24k gold handrails, interactive touch screen walls, custom built wood furniture, and a built in arcade, although it is possible to fabricate, I may not be able to afford it, or it may take too long to build. As we continue to go behind the scenes of the trade show industry, now is good time to cover our custom display manufacturing capabilities! Let’s get into it!

Custom Display Manufacturing Capabilities

Structural Capabilities

As you explore the custom display build process, structural capabilities play a huge role in determining the feasibility of a booth concept. For the majority of booth designs, aluminum extrusion framework will do the job. This is the most affordable and portable structure option for a custom booth. It’s lightweight and compact, so shipping and storage is practical for most exhibitors. However, based on the booth concept, other structural components, such as structural truss and steel framing, may be required.

If your booth concept includes a second story, stairs, oversized monitors, speakers, or large product displays, heavy duty structural framing is require to meet safety and engineering standards. Creative Imaging Displays offers everything from aluminum extrusion to structural steel truss, so we have you covered! Additionally, we have the expertise to guide you through the process and make recommendations so you can meet your display requirements while staying on budget and on time!

Graphics Capabilities

ecoSmart-3070 Backlit 30ft Sustainable DisplayThe structure of the booth is essential to provide the required functionality of the booth. However, properly designed and printed trade show graphics bring it to life! It is important your custom booth provider offers a wide variety of graphics capabilities so your message is loud and clear! Creative Imaging Displays offers every trade show graphic option from vinyl banners to backlit SEG fabric graphics. We work with fabrics of all kinds including backlit, stretch, mesh, heavy knit, and dye sub.

Our finishing capabilities include laser cut edges, SEG (silicone edge graphic), sewn in Velcro or magnets, and pillowcase. In addition, we offer vinyl, PVC, ridged, photomural, and vector cut graphic options for each custom project. But it’s not enough to just offer graphic options, it’s critical to know when and why to use certain graphic materials in certain situations. We have you covered when it comes to graphics for custom trade show booths!

Configuration for Multiple Booth Sizes

Want to take your custom booth build to the next level and impress your CFO? Work with Creative Imaging Displays to design your custom booth so the frame and graphics reconfigure into multiple sized displays! Why purchase a different custom booth for each booth size? We specialize in designing your custom booth so it is easily broken down into smaller spaces, or easily expandable for a larger space! We make it simple! Just let us know the different booth sizes in which you plan to exhibit. We will come up with design options using parts from your larger custom booth! This is yet another reason to shop for custom trade show booths on more than just price point. Our recent custom booth blog post covers why working with an experienced design team can save you time and money throughout the process!

In summary, Creative Imaging Displays offers nearly every option for a custom trade show display. Our custom display manufacturing capabilities match even the largest exhibit houses, without pricing that reflects the high overhead of an exhibit house. We offer industry leading customer service during the entire build process. Find out more from this great post on how we take care of our customers from start to finish! We are a PNW based company and our preferred custom exhibit partner, Classic Exhibits, in Portland helps us to achieve a level of service for the PNW that is unmatched! Contact us today to get the process started!