he last few months we have gone over many aspects of outdoor exhibiting. This includes tips, best practices, new products, marketing strategies, and how to properly use event advertising materials. Now, we are in full swing with the spring and summer event season for 2023! As we wrap up our focus on outdoor events, it’s important to recap all the great things to remember for the 2023 outdoor event season. It’s time to find out how to have a successful outdoor event in 2023!

How to have a Successful Outdoor Event in 2023

How to use your Surroundings

In the post “Tips for Outdoor Exhibits” we covered the first step before each outdoor event, know your surroundings! It is critical to understand the event location and weather for the event. Understanding the terrain will determine the proper equipment, displays, promos, and giveaways for the event to ensure it is successful. Some great examples include handing out ponchos and umbrellas in poor weather scenarios and providing free cold water on hot days! Products such as outdoor event tents provide shelter in extreme weather so preparing by ordering ahead and ensuring you have a canopy is essential.

New Outdoor Displays for 2023

Zoom 10 Foot Event TentCreative Imaging Displays expanded our product line prior to the 2023 outdoor event season. We offer additional products that help to complete the entire booth like flooring and billboards. The Outdoor portable popup bar is a great new addition to our line up and is perfect for your next outdoor event. It is available in two sizes and comes with wheels to add to the overall functionality of the product. It is perfect as a welcome table, presentation station, and demonstration area due to the storage and internal shelving that is included.

The Ace-2 Outdoor Sign is the perfect a-frame sign for events and store fronts. It’s made from lightweight, durable aluminum using a snap frame design to easily change graphics. Dry erase lenses are included making this sign customizable for each event. The sign is easy to fold up and pack away for storage or transportation. With easy to change graphics, custom graphics are easy to replace at any time!

Additionally, we added multiple flooring options along with an outdoor table throw! The flooring options include a rollable and interlocking version on Comfort Turf outdoor flooring. This product is perfect because it simulates grass so it gives the feel of the outdoors with the benefits of a finished space!

Outdoor Events to Attend in 2023

Another great post was on outdoor events for 2023 which covered some major events for this summer! A couple major events to still attend this year, if there is space available, are Lollapalooza and Burning Man Festival. However there is never a shortage of local events to attend all summer long. A few examples of local events to attend in 2023 include:

  • Music Festivals
  • Concert Venues
  • Sporting Events – Golf, Tennis, Racing
  • State Fairs
  • Car Shows and Hobby Events
  • Food, Wine, and Beer Festivals

Outdoor events are often fun to attend and exhibit due to the sunshine, warm weather, and excited attendees. Make sure to book many outdoor events and find the ones that work best! If the events pay off then it’s a great excuse to keep exhibiting in the sun!

Adverting Strategies for Outdoor Events

Another great post was “5 Advertising Strategies for Store Fronts and Farmers Markets” which covered many great marketing points. Some of these points included know the consumer and the 6 “P’s” of retail marketing. The most important, yet often overlooked strategy for outdoor events is an effective online presence. This is overlooked because outdoor sales and internet sales seem to clash when looked at from the surface. However, in 2023 so many people use the internet for everything which makes it essential to have a great online presence. Chances are the majority of new leads gained at any show will eventually visit your website. A good website can increase sales through e-commerce, reputation authority, and product information. So, before you attend an outdoor event, make sure your website is up to date!

How to have a Successful Outdoor Event in 2023

To wrap of this post its important to talk about the 3 main points we are covering to make sure you have a successful outdoor event in 2023.

  • Research Events and Know your Surroundings
  • Finding the Perfect Advertising Products
  • Dial in Online Presence

Some of these points may seem novice to most exhibitors, however its always important to review the basics and make sure all bases are covered. Additionally, things change over time and your strategies that worked in 2015 may be irrelevant today. Creative Imaging Displays stays on top of event and trade show trends to help keep our clients informed so they can maximize success at every event they attend! We offer the products and services needed to make sure each event is a success!