That’s a wrap! Thank you for following our summer content and going behind the scenes of the trade show industry with us! As we get into the busy part of the trade show season, we will switch to covering tips and advice for exhibitors. However, it’s worth doing a recap on many of the great posts we covered over the summer of 2023, and highlight some of the key points! We talked about products Made in the USA within the trade show industry, including local custom manufacturers! Additionally, we covered eco-friendly products including our ecoSmart line of sustainable exhibits produced in the PNW! Don’t forget about the post exposing all the secrets of the trade show industry! It’s time to wrap up behind the scenes and go over all the great content we added this summer!

Behind the Scenes Wrap Up

The Psychology of Trade Shows

One of the highlights of behind the scenes were the posts about the psychology behind trade shows. We covered posts on the psychology of charging stations and keeping a clean trade show booth! These posts are so important because they lay out the foundation for every trade show you will attend. Designers, manufacturers, and distributors use this knowledge to design more effective products that work effectively at trade shows and events. A trade show booth is essentially a mini retail space, so a lot of the same psychology applies, however at trade shows there are more exhibitors in smaller spaces so it’s even more tricky to capture the attention of the attendees. Two main takeaways from these posts are simplifying your booth space and offering something of value to exhibitors.

Formulate Charging Tower Top View with ModelWhen it comes to offering something of value, a charging station is a great solution. It offers a place to sit, free electricity, and an opportunity for additional branding. Offering something of value results in attendees more willing to listen to your sales pitch because they are getting something for their time. Other examples include offering free giveaways, snacks, water, raffle tickets, or comfortable seating.

Simplifying your booth is a great way to draw in more attendees because a clean, organized booth portrays a clean, organized company. It is also easier for attendees to figure out who you are and what you do. Your booth space is a visual example of your business, so make sure it appeals to your client base! We offer a large selection of simple booth backdrops and clean designs to make your booth space one of the best!

Defining Made in USA and Eco-Friendly

A great series of posts went in depth to define Made in USA and Eco-Friendly. Like most things, it may seem straight forward on the surface, but it’s actually more complicated. If it’s important to you that your product is Made in the USA and/or eco-friendly, make sure to check out these posts! The main takeaway, just because it is labeled made in USA or eco-friendly, does not make it so. Most products are usually just partially made in USA or eco-friendly to legally earn this label, while other products are truly 100% eco-friendly and/or made in the USA. Our posts cover all that goes into these labels and how to figure out the sources and origins of the product. We offer the ecoSmart line of sustainable exhibits which are both Made in the USA and eco-friendly!

Trade Show Technology and Advancements

WaveLight Air Backlit Inflatable Tower Square 126HThe most exciting part of the behind the scenes series is the new trade show technology and advancements that make our trade show displays better than ever before! Fabric graphics have revolutionized the trade show industry making displays lower profile, lighter weight, and more durable. Fabric graphics allow for unique shapes, sizes, and designs making your display unique and custom, without unique and custom pricing. In addition to fabric graphics, light box displays and digital signage is now a standard in the trade show industry.

LED light boxes like WaveLight Displays use light arrays to create an evenly lit, lightweight display system! The Makitso Blade interactive kiosk is a great solution to incorporate technology into your trade show booth and retail space! A new technology that is gaining popularity is inflatable displays. The WaveLight Inflatable Tower and WaveLight Inflatable Counter are inflatable and backlit offering the best solutions for portability and event advertising.

Stay tuned to our blog for more great series like behind the scenes and other free trade show advice, hints, and tips to make your trade shows more successful! Contact us today to get your display project started! Our experienced sales staff and graphic designers are here to help!